*VIRTUAL* – Satisfying NEC3/4 programme requirements in ASTA Powerproject

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Online NEC3/4 Asta Powerproject Training

This is a one day course designed to help you understand and apply the programme requirements of the NEC form of contract. It assumes you have attended a one day introduction and know how to logic link a programme and show its critical path.

Topics include:

• Showing Time Risk allowance
• Linking/Critical path and float
• Showing key dates
• Terminal float between Planned completions and the Completion date
• Basic resource and code library allocation for 3rd party display
• Hammocks to show cost implications of delays to prelims
• Baselines
• Compensation events
• Progress updating and effects on completion dates

The day is carried out using Zoom and delegates should have Powerproject installed ready for the day

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £250 + Vat


Online NEC3/4 Asta Powerproject Training

Virtual NEC3/4 Asta Powerproject Training

NEC3/4 Asta Powerproject Online Training Course

NEC3/4 Asta Powerproject Virtual Training Course

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    29 Aug*VIRTUAL* – Satisfying NEC3/4 programme requirements in ASTA PowerprojectOnline - Remote£250Enquire Now