*VIRTUAL* – Openroads Designer Alignment Design & Drawing Production

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Online Openroads Designer Alignment Design & Drawing Production


Openroads Designer uses object-oriented coordinate geometry and alignment design capabilities to provide intelligent updating as you quickly create your horizontal and vertical alignments.

You will learn how to build horizontal and vertical alignments from individual elements which will be familiar to previous MX users such as fixed, free and floating elements.

You will also learn how to create offset elements from your horizontal design which retain their design intent, so that you maintain the relationship between your elements.

Please note that this course does not explain how to create templates as this is a very detailed course on it’s own.



This course will show you how to easily extract drawings from your model in any scale you choose.
You’ll also see how to add your own drawing border.
We will show you how to create cross sections and long sections and how to change the annotation on the drawings to suit your company standards.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £350 + Vat


Online Bentley Openroads Designer Training

Virtual Bentley Openroads Designer Training

Bentley Openroads Designer Training online training course

Bentley Openroads Designer Training virtual training course

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