*VIRTUAL* – Module 3 – An Introduction to the New Gateway 2 and 3 for Key Decisions and Review for HRBs

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Online An Introduction to the New Gateway 2 and 3 for Key Decisions and Review for HRBs Training Course – Module 3

Module 3 Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose of Gateway 3
  • Know what documentation is required by who and when
  • Timelines expected by the BSR
  • Associated charges for applications

Module 3:

Understanding Gateway 3 – Completion and Handover

Section 1: What the Law Demands

  • What Documentation and evidence is required to be provided at completion / handover via the Golden Thread Information.
  • Working with the PAP/AP, regarding the Safety Case and Safety Management System etc

Section 2: Best practice and thinking differently

Duties of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor regarding:

  • How the Golden Thread of Information should assist with having the right information.
  • What information the Client will be required to submit to the BSR for the final, as-built building.

Section 3: How the HSE’s BSR will operate

  • What final declaration will the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor will be required to produce and co-sign confirming that the building complies with building regulations.
  • HSE’s BSR Function during final phase, incl. completion certificate etc.
  • BSR fees and charges

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £325 + Vat

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