*VIRTUAL* – Managing your Workload and your Resilience as a Leader

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Online Wellbeing Training

As employees seek more from their employers, transitioning from employing to empowering will be the way forward. If you are going to do this successfully, you will need to bring your authentic self to work everyday and learn to lead yourself before leading others.

Understanding how to continually cultivate constructive wellbeing practices will positively influence how we think and feel about ourselves and how we interpret situations at work. It also influences our ability to cope with change and the way leaders behave will also influence how everyone else does in the organisation.

Resilient leadership helps us lead in times of instability and helps us to ride out storms. This ½ day course provides an engaging mix of theory, research, and practical application that will harness your positive energy to lead and adapt with a major focus on embedding a culture of positive mental health.


  • Cultivate leadership endurance and understand that resilience is a team sport
  • Pay attention to how you get from stress to calm
  • Focus on your physical levers (sleep, diet, exercise) to sustain your personal best
  • Utilise your emotional intelligence to support and value your employees/team members
  • Make your mindset work for you and your organisation
  • Build trust to improve employee resilience and engagement
  • Lead from the top and embed a positive culture of wellbeing in the workplace
  • Tackle the stigma of mental health at work
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