*VIRTUAL* – Geotechnics for Offshore Structures

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OnlineĀ Geotechnics for Offshore Structures Training Course


Day 1:

09.00 – 09.30 Delegate Registration

09.30-11.00 Lecture1: Overview of Geotechnical Engineering – Dr Ana Ivanovic

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-12.45 Lecture2: Soil Characterisation and Fundamental Soil Mechanics
Dr Ana Ivanovic

12.45-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00 Lecture3: Site Data Collection & Interpretation – Dr Ana Ivanovic

15.00-15.30 Break

15.30-17.00 Lecture 4: Foundation Concepts – Dr Ana Ivanovic

Day 2:

09.00-10.30 Lecture5: Geotechnical Analysis for Offshore Structures
Dr Ana Ivanovic

10.30-10.45 Break

10.45-12.15 Lecture6: Design of Mudmats for Offshore Structures
T Hodgson, Atkins global

12.15-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00 Lecture7: Design of Mooring Anchors & Suction Piles
T Hodgson, Atkins global

15.00-15.30 Break

15.30-17.00 Lecture 8: Pile Design for Offshore Structures – T Hodgson, Atkins global


Dr Ana Ivanovic, University Of Aberdeen

Ana Ivanovic is a Professor in Engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, with a background in civil engineering and geotechnics. Her research has focused on investigating the influence of iceberg scour on marine pipelines and the influence of trawling gear components on the seabed using both laboratory and numerical modeling approaches. Ana has also investigated numerical modeling of ground anchorages along with complementary laboratory experiments of anchorages installed in both rock and soil, with funding which she secured from the EPSRC. Ana has been an investigator on the EU research projects DEGREE and BENTHIS, looking at the impact of fishing gear elements on the benthos. She has published numerous papers in peer review journals and conference proceedings. Ana was seconded (part time) to Technip UK during 2011, through funding she secured through the Royal Academy of Engineering. In this role she was involved in both project support and R&D. More recently she has been involved in the EU project on decommissioning of wind farms and is currently involved in projects looking into the decommissioning of bundles as well as the interaction between floating

Trevor Hodgson, Atkins Global, Aberdeen

Trevor Hodgson is in his second spell with Atkins, having been with them in total for well over thirty years. He has spent the majority of this time working in offshore-related areas, both in the technical execution of this work and in the management of teams of engineers to achieve specified goals. He has extensive experience of conceptual and detail design for jacket structures and topsides, including over thirty platforms in SE Asia, and concrete structures in the North Sea and worldwide. His experience encompasses both shallow and deeper water platforms of steel and concrete construction, drilling riser and conductor analysis, semi-submersible and FPSO vessels, high-speed aluminium surface craft, and even peer review for the nuclear industry. He has recently been involved in the development of concepts and detailed designs for the offshore renewable energy market, including wind, wave and tidal energy conversion devices, most recently Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) substructures.
He is highly experienced in the application and interpretation of advanced finite element analysis methods for the design process and has used this experience to great effect in the development and support of engineering software, primarily the ASAS: OFFSHORE suite for the oil and gas industry, now part of ANSYS. He is the author of numerous texts on structural design and analysis, was convenor of a panel covering Structural Analysis of Fixed Concrete Platforms for the ISO standard on offshore installations, and lectures for ASRANet and the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde on offshore structures and renewables.

Duration: 2 Days

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