*VIRTUAL* – Excel Bite Size ½ day Sessions – Tables, PivotTables, Conditional Formatting

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Online Excel Training Course

Course Description: This virtual course is designed for people wish to learn how to create and work with Table, PivotTables and Conditional Formatting within Excel.  Tables and PivotTables are powerful summarise and manipulate your data.  Tables are normally created first then the PivotTable will be created from the Table.   Conditional Formatting is used to highlight formula results or other cell values that you want to monitor.  All three topics will assist in developing your worksheets further.

 Prerequisites: Delegates attending this course should have a basic knowledge of Excel 2016.

Course Content

  • Tables:
  • Create a Table
  • Create Calculated Columns
  • Format a Table
  • Use Slicers
  • Convert Tables to Ranges
  • PivotTables:
  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Amend the Fields in a PivotTable
  • Update the PivotTable
  • Add Calculations to a PivotTable
  • Add Grouping to a PivotChart
  • Create a PivotChart
  • Create and Use Slicers
  • Use PivotTable Timelines
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Format a range of cells using Conditional formatting
  • Conditional Formatting Rules Manager
  • Add a New Rule
  • Edit a Rule
  • Delete a Rule
  • Find cells with Conditional Formatting
  • Customising Conditional Formatting
  • Sort and Filter by Conditional Formats

This course will run 3 hours with a 15-minute break.  Morning sessions will be 09:30 until 12:30.  Afternoon sessions will be from 13:00 until 16:00 with a 15-minute break.


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