*VIRTUAL* – MS Excel 2016 – Level 1

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Online Microsoft Excel Training

Course Duration: 1 day


In this virtual, Instructor-Led course you will create and edit basic Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheets and workbooks.  You will learn all the basics you need to start entering your data and building organised workbooks.

Course Aim

Enable delegates to examine the basic components of Excel 2016 and learn how to create and use formulas.

Target Student:  Anyone requiring basic knowledge of Excel 2016.

Prerequisites: Delegates should be familiar using a computer/laptop within a Windows environment.


• explore the Excel Environment
• create a basic worksheet
• modify a workbook/worksheet
• use basic formulas and functions
• format an Excel worksheet
• manage worksheets and workbooks
• set up printing options

Getting Started with Excel 2016

• Excel and the Excel Environment

• Start up, Back Stage view and Themes

• Navigate and Select in Worksheets

• Create a Basic Workbook

• Open, Save and Close Workbooks

• Use Search and Smart Lookup

Modifying a Workbook

Cut, Copy and Paste Commands

• Flash Fill

• AutoFill Options and AutoComplete

• Spelling

• Undo and Redo

• Insert and Delete Options

• Column Width and Row Height

• Hide and Unhide Options

Formatting an Excel Worksheet

Font Group

• Add Borders and Fill Colours

• Cell Alignment

• Number Formatting

• Cell Styles and Galleries

Using Formulas and Functions

• Create Relative Formulas

• AutoCalculate

• Inserting Functions

• Use AutoSum

• Copy Formulas

• Create Absolute Formulas

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

• Manage Worksheets

• View Worksheets and Workbooks
Printing Options

• Print Pane

• Print Worksheets and Workbooks

• Page Setup

• Print Layout View

Cost: £150 + Vat




Live Virtual Excel 2016 Training

Online Excel 2016 Training Course

Excel 2016 virtual training course.

Excel 2016 Online Training course.

MS Excel 2016 training

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