*VIRTUAL* – Effective Customer Care (2 days)

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Virtual Customer Care Training Course


Effective customer care is critical to the success of any business. Organisations thrive when they have positive customer relationships. Customer care is constantly evolving, as customers become more knowledgeable, proactive and demanding.

This two-day course will help learners to examine their thoughts and beliefs around customer care and explore ways of further improving their skills to get the most out of their customer relationships.


Course objectives

  • To discuss what matters to our customers.
  • To examine customer service behaviours and relate them to the workplace.
  • To look at three proven customer service models, demonstrating their effectiveness in a working environment.
  • To demonstrate the benefits of effective listening and questioning skills when dealing with customers.
  • To exmine getting the best from our voice.
  • To look at the importance of structure and staying focused in a telephone call.
  • To show the importance of gaining and maintaining trust with customers.
  • To explore techniques for disagreeing assertively, dealing with challenging customers and delivering bad news.
  • To take a look at how we can use our mindset and work with our colleagues to build resilience when dealing with customers.

This course has a varied format of discussion, individual and group exercises.

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