*VIRTUAL* – Design Risk Management

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Online Design Risk Management Training

  • How to do deliver CDM 2015 proportionately

Course Outline

Sessions 1- 3 (2 hours)

Session 1– Introduction – What actually is Design Risk Management?  (30 mins)

Poll 1 (5 Mins)

Session 2– DRM at Strategic & Briefing Stages 0-1 (30 mins including any Q& A/feedback)

  • The CDM Strategy Brief- the client arrangements, project team & scope.
  • The site, environs and existing building survey strategies

Poll 2 (5 Mins) and 5 Minute Break

Session 3– DRM at Concept & Spatial Design Stages 2 &3 (30 Mins)

  • Developing the PCI for the team to integrate.
  • Significant v Insignificant CDM issues, buildability, and maintenance strategies.
  • Proportionate tender stage information for contract negotiations.

Poll 3 (5 Mins)

Sessions 4-7 (2.5 Hours Total)

Session 4 –DRM at Technical Stage 4 (30 mins)

  • Early contractor engagement whilst retaining the design intent.
  • Poll 5 (5 Mins) & 5 Minute Break

Session 5 – Construction Design Stage 5 (45 Mins)

  • Construction Phase Plan development specific to the project
  • Contractor Design – design development and/or value engineering design change.
  • Poll 6 (5 Mins)

Session 6– Handover Stage 6 (15 mins)

  • Handover of CDM Information, H&S File information to the client

Session 7–      Discussion interactive discussion session of entire course (30 mins)

  • Q&A, Feedback, discussion, summary of learning all Sessions

Project Syndicate Exercise (3 Hours Total)

Session 8 – Refresher of Designers and Principal Designers duties – Reg 8, 9, 10 also 11 & 12 (10mins)

Session 9 – Pre-Construction Information (PCI) – Appendix 2 – examples of checklist and templates (10mins)

Poll 5 (5 mins) & Break (5 mins)

Session 10 – Syndicate Exercise part 1 – split into groups of 3 to 5 max with designated group led / focal person – access to project brief, docs, drgs, plans, pictures, information etc (60 mins)

Break (5 mins)

Session 11 – Syndicate Exercise part 2 – split into groups of 3 to 5 max with designated group led / focal person – each present 4 top issues/risks, regarding the PCI and 5 top issues/risks, regarding the design (45 mins)

Poll 6 (5 Mins)

Session 12 – Summary – Discussion interactive discussion session of entire course (20 mins)

  • Q&A, Feedback, discussion, summary of learning covered


 Steve Coppin – Associate Technical Director of Arcadis, a design & consultancy

Steve has been proactive with the HSE on best practice initiatives within the construction industry on CDM e.g. CONIAC/CONIAN and active on the BIM4 Working Group, incl. various other professional bodies on the CDM changes, integrated gateways and worker engagement research reports. Recent speaker on Design for Safety & Digital incl. master class for IOSH & Ministry of Manpower (MoM) at the Design for Safety conference recently in Singapore.

He previously contributed to the CDM 2007 ACoP and reviewed CDM 2015 at CONIAC. Previous working member on HSE’s research into Gateways and Risk Registers, Scottish Fatals in the Construction Industry, Worker Engagement with Glasgow Caledonian University, also HSE’s Vulnerable Workers and Behavioural Change Working Groups. Also, OGC’s Achieving Excellence in Construction Procurement guidance.

Previously Partner – Head of H&S for various organisations incl. DWP, as National EHS Manager for Jobcentre Plus Programme. Served as a Military Engineer / Tutor for the Royal Engineers following an apprentice in Mechanical Engineering. Has extensive experience of procurement & design risk management on major developments worldwide and delivery of training and workshops.

Author for various APS, ROSPA, CIOB articles on BIM, CDM and occupational health dust reduction at source, incl. APS Practice Note on Surveys, co-author for a OH&S case study published by IOSH for the policy & practice journal.

Paul Bussey

A Chartered Architect with over 40 years experience in Architectural practices of all sizes in UK, Africa and the Middle East. Paul has worked on many theatre and public assembly, commercial, residential and transportation buildings across the globe.

He has developed an expertise in the interpretation and implementation of legislation of all types whilst ensuring the design quality of all projects.

Specialising in Fire and Construction Design Management Paul has become the in house lead at Stirling Prize winning AHMM Architects with over 400 staff and covering a huge portfolio of large and prestigious buildings. As a Fellow of the IFE , ASFP and IIRSM he works with other professional institutions and is the RIBA’s leading adviser and trainer on the CDM 2015 Regulations and the Principal Designer role, regularly working with the HSE on specialist committees.

Combining the lessons learnt from Grenfell fire, joining together our fragmented construction industry, prioritising the safety of everyone and creating outstanding places for future generations is his passion.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £275 + Vat


Online Design Risk Management Training Course

Virtual Design Risk Management Training Course

Design Risk Management Training Online Training Course

Design Risk Management Virtual Training Course

CDM Design Risk Management Training Online Course

CDM Design Risk Management Training Virtual Course

Online CDM Design Risk Management Training Course

Virtual CDM Design Risk Management Training Course

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