*VIRTUAL* – Contract Management – 1 Day

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Virtual Contract Management Training





1.Contract management introduction ·      Introduction to the course, establishing the standards by which we work, the principles of contracting

·      Outlines the concepts of best practice in contracting

·      Defines the requirement for contract management

The contract itself



2.Basic legal principles of contracting·      Creation of a contract

·      Offer, acceptance of offers and revoking offers

·      Overview of the role of terms and conditions in contracting

·      Key elements and considerations in drafting contract clauses

3.Introducing terms and conditions·      Basic contract components

·      A review of commonly used contract terms

·      Active and passive terms; conditions precedent and subsequent

4.Scopes of work·      Scopes of work, the key requirements

·      Input v output v outcome scopes of work

·      Understanding SLAs and KPIs

Negotiation essentials



6.Picturing the negotiation·      Understanding the other side’s drivers and developing a strategy

·      What negotiators must understand before starting negotiations

·      Strategies, ethics, tricks and ploys

Managing the contract after award



7.Implementing / communicating the contract·      What makes a contract risky, and how to mitigate that risk

·      Contract communications and handover planning

·      A six-step communication planning process

8.Monitoring performance·      Schedule management and performance monitoring

·      Payment invoicing, tracking deliverables and acceptance

·      Managing SLAs and KPIs

9.Dealing with changes to a contract·      What is a change and who can initiate it?

·      Examples and the effect of change

·      What should a change control process look like?

10.Contract close-out·      Types of termination and close-out

·      Managing the termination of a relationship

·      Survival clauses, knowledge capture and lessons learned


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £225 + Vat


Online Contract Management Training

Contract Management Online Training Courses

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