*VIRTUAL* – Bridge Assessment and Maintenance Training Course

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Online Bridge Assessment and Maintenance Training

Day 1

Intro to course / intro to structures asset management

  • Understand the structure of the course
  • Decision-making in structures asset management
  • What information is needed to support decisions
  • Activities to obtain information through inspection, testing and assessment

Concrete elements

  • Common concrete elements used in bridges
  • Theoretical degradation mechanisms of concrete
  • Common types and causes of defects in concrete elements
  • Effect of defects on structural performance
  • What to look for during inspection of concrete elements
  • Testing of concrete

Masonry elements – as above but for masonry

Steel elements – as above but for steel 

Day 2

Planning and running bridge inspections

  • DMRB requirements
  • Gaining access
  • Difficult access (confined spaces, roped access, water)
  • Health and safety
  • Inspection records (on site)
  • Inspection reporting

Undertaking assessments

  • The assessment process
  • Assessment objectives
  • DMRB requirements for concrete, masonry, steel assessments
  • Analysis for assessments
  • Reporting assessments

Advanced assessments

  • DMRB requirements for half joints, strut and tie
  • Using FE to improve assessment results
  • Using material testing to improve assessment results
  • Upper bound analysis techniques

Management of maintenance programmes

  • Management for maintenance and cost-effective repair programmes
  • Value management and prioritisation
  • Cost estimation for structural works
  • Establishing programmes of works
  • Problem areas, e.g. bearings, joints, post-tensioning
  • Typical repair systems for common defects

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £695 + Vat


Online Bridge Maintenance Training

Virtual Bridge Maintenance Training

Bridge Maintenance Virtual Training

Bridge Maintenance Online Training

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