SVQ4 in Business Admin SCQF 8

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Business Admin SVQ

GM31 24SVQ in Business and Administration at SCQF level 8



¨         To achieve this qualification you must complete eight units:


¨         Three units must be completed from Group A – Mandatory Units

¨         Five Optional Units must be completed, of which at least two must be from Group B.

¨         No more than one SCQF Level 7 unit can be taken from Group C – Optional units (Level 7 units moved to Group D)

¨         Either unit CFABAH121 (*HL46 04) (Develop and establish systems and procedures to review organisational performance) or CFABAH122 (*HL47 04)(Assist in improving organisational performance) may be selected but not both


Please note the table below shows the SSC identification codes listed alongside the corresponding SQA Unit codes. It is important that the SQA Unit codes are used in all your recording documentation and when your results are communicated to SQA.


Group A Mandatory Units: Candidates must complete all 3 Units from this group
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
FE74 04


CFABAA627Manage and be Accountable for Own Performance in a Business Environment75

FE75 04


CFABAF174Manage Work in a Business Environment87
H8H1 04CFAM&LEC5Use Information to Take Effective Decisions84



Group B Optional Units   2 – 5 units must be completed
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
H98D 04


CFABAA113Explore Ideas for Innovation in a Business Environment86
FE16 04


CFABAA119Propose and Design Administrative Services88
FE1A 04


CFABAA413Chair Meetings84
H98C 04


CFABAD112Design and Develop an Information System87
FE1M 04


CFABAD122Manage and Evaluate Information Systems86
FE1E 04


CFABAF111Invite Tenders and Select Contractors86
HL44 04


CFABAF121Monitor and Evaluate the Performance of Contractors86
FE14 04


CFABAG124Negotiate in a Business Environment87
FE12 04


CFABAG128Evaluate and Solve Business Problems86
HL45 04


CFABAH114Monitor and Evaluate Trends and Events that Affect organisations86
HL46 04*


CFABAH121Develop and Establish Systems and Procedures to Review Organisational Performance86
HL47 04*CFABAH122Assist in Improving Organisational Performance86



Group C Optional Units   0 – 3 units must be completed
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
H9Y8 04


CFACSB15Build and Maintain Effective Customer Relations88
FE3V 04


CFACSD16Develop a Customer Service Strategy for a Part of an Organisation811
HL48 04


CFAPRE008Engage Audiences Through Digital, Including Social Media85
HL49 04


CFAPRE009Engage Internal Audiences86
HL3Y 04


CFAM&LAA3Develop and Maintain Your Professional Networks910
H8GY 04


CFAM&LBA2Provide Leadership in Your Area of Responsibility89
H8H3 04


CFAM&LBB4Ensure Compliance with Legal, Regulatory, Ethical and Social Requirements912
HK2A 04


CFAM&LCA2Plan Change915
FM4X 04


CFAM&LCA4Implement Change811
H5XR 04


CFAM&LDA2Recruit, Select and Retain People914
H58V 04


CFAM&LDD2Develop and Sustain Productive Working Relationships with Stakeholders912
H5K4 04


CFAM&LEA3Manage the Use of Financial Resources814
H58W 04


CFAM&LEB3Manage Physical Resources85
H7CD 04


CFAM&LEB4Manage the Environmental and Social Impacts of Your Work84
HL41 04


CFAM&LEC3Develop Knowledge and Make it Available94
FM5P 04


CFAM&LFA3Manage Business Processes915
H8H0 04CFAM&LFA5Manage Projects811



Group D Optional Units 0 – 1 units must be completed
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
FE15 04


CFABAA118Manage an Office Facility76
FE18 04


CFABAA122Implement, Monitor and Maintain Administrative Services77
FE76 04


CFABAA616Manage Communications in a Business Environment73
FE1C 04


CFABAF132Prepare Specifications for Contracts75
H683 04


CFAM&LDB1Build Teams78
H58X 04


CFAM&LDB4Manage People’s Performance at Work714
HL43 04


CFAM&LDC4Coach Individuals76
H41Y 04


CFAM&LDD3Develop and Sustain Collaborative Relationships with Other Departments75
H68K 04


CFAM&LEA4Manage Budgets711
H8H2 04


CFAM&LEB1Provide Healthy, Safe, secure and Productive Working Environments and Practices77
H8GX 04CFAM&LEC4Communicate Information and Knowledge73


* Restricted combination

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