SVQ2 in Business Admin SCQF 5

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SVQ in Business Admin


Qualification structure


SVQ 2 Business and Administration SCQF level 5 (GK6X 22)


Accredited from 01.08.2015


To achieve the SVQ, you must complete eight Units in total.


All the Group A mandatory Units must be completed and at least three optional Units from Group B. The remaining two Units may be selected from Group B or Group C.


A maximum of two units from IT and Finance may be selected.


Restricted combinations:


Either unit S211 or S311 may be selected but not both. a

Only one unit may be selected from S212, S213 or S312. b

Either unit S214 or S313 may be selected.  c

Either unit S215 or S314 may be selected.  d

Either unit S222 or S319 may be selected.  e

Either unit S223 or S321 may be selected.  f

Either unit S224 or S320 may be selected. g

Only one unit may be selected from S236a, S236b, S114a or S114b. h

Either unit S237 or S115 may be selected. i

Either unit S238 or S116 may be selected. j

Either unit S239 or S117 may be selected. k

Either unit S240 or S118 may be selected. l

Either unit S241 or S119 may be selected. m

Either unit S242 or S120 may be selected. n

Either unit S243 or S121 may be selected. o

Either unit S244 or S122 may be selected. p

Either unit S245 or S123 may be selected. q

Either unit S246 or S124 may be selected. r

Either unit S252 or S113 may be selected. s





SVQ 2 Business and Administration SCQF Level 5 – GK6X 22


Group A Mandatory Units





SSC No.Unit Title
FD8W 04CFABAA625S201


Agree how to manage and improve own performance in a business environment
FD8X 04CFABAF172S202Undertake work in a business environment
F93W 04CFABAA614S205Prepare to communicate in a business environment
Group B Optional Units: 3 – 5 Units must be selected
FD8Y 04CFABAG126S203Plan how to solve business problems
FD90 04CFABAG1210S204Work with other people in a business environment
F93T 04CFABAA211S211Produce documents in a business environmenta
FD9W 04CFABAA213S212Prepare text from notesb
FD9X 04CFABAA213bS213Prepare text from notes using touch typing (40 wpm) b
FD9T 04CFABAA311aS214Prepare text from shorthand (60 wpm) c
FD9V 04CFABAD312aS215Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (40 wpm) d
FD9N 04CFABAA311S222Support the organisation and co-ordination of eventse
FD9P 04CFABAA321S223Support the organisation of business travel or accommodationf
FD9R 04CFABAA411S224Support the organisation of meetingsg
H983 04CFABAA622S206Use voicemail message systems
FD92 04CFABAA431S207Use a diary system
FD93 04CFABAA441S208Take minutes
FD94 04CFABAA612S209Handle mail
F93X 04CFABAC312S210Provide reception services
FD96 04CFABAC311S250Meet and welcome visitors
H984 04CFABAD321S216Collate and organise data
FD98 04CFABAD323S217Research information
H559 04CFABAD332S218Store and retrieve information using a filing system
FD99 04CFABAD334S219Provide archive services
FD9A 04CFABAD121S226Support the management and development of an information system
F93V 04CFABAA231S220Use office equipment
H985 04CFABAF141S221Maintain and issue stock items
FD9F 04CFABAA111S225Respond to change in a business environment
FD9G 04CFABAB151S227Administer HR records
FD9H 04CFABAB152S228Administer the recruitment and selection process
FD9J 04CFABAB131S251Administer parking dispensations
FN6W 04SFJCHCC062S253Process court documentation
FN9M 04SFJCHCC069S254Contribute to maintaining security and protecting individuals’ rights in the custodial environment
FN6X 04SFJCHCC060S255Calculate critical dates for sentences
FN6Y 04SFJCHCC063S256Make administrative arrangements for the movement of individuals outside the custodial establishment
FN70 04SFJCHCC064S257Administer documentation for the appeals process
FN71 04SFJHCC065S258Administer personal money for the individuals in custody
FN72 04SFJCHCC066S259Prepare documentation to help authorities decide on the conditions on which to release individuals from custody
FN74 04SFJCHCC067S260Make administrative arrangements for the release of individuals from custody
A maximum of 2 Units* from IT may be selected
F9AP 04ESKIBS2S236aBespoke software 2h
F9AV 04ESKISS2S236bSpecialist software 2 h
F9C2 04ESKIDMS2S237Data management software 2i
F9C5 04ESKIDB2S238Database software 2j
F99E 04ESKIIPU2S239Improving productivity using IT 2k
F99T 04ESKIITS2S240IT security for users 2l
F9CT 04ESKIPS2S241Presentation software 2m
F99K 04ESKISIS2S242Setting up an IT system 2n
F9D1 04ESKISS2S243Spreadsheet software 2o
F9A7 04ESKIUCT2S244Using collaborative technologies 2p
F9D4 04ESKIWS2S245Website software 2q
F9D7 04ESKIWP2S246Word processing software 2r
F9A4 04ESKIEML2S252Using email 2s
Group C Optional Units: 0 – 2 Units must be selected
FE09 04CFABAA151S324Contribute to running a project
FE0X 04CFABAA212S311Design and produce documents in a business environmenta
FE11 04CFABAA213cS312Prepare text from notes using touch typing(60 wpm) b
FE0Y 04CFABAD311bS313Prepare text from shorthand (80 wpm) c
FE10 04CFABAD312bS314Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (60 wpm) d
FE0T 04CFABAA312S319Organise and co-ordinate eventse
FE0W 04CFABAA322S321Organise business travel or accommodationf
FE0V 04CFABAA412S320Plan and organise meetingsg
F93N 04CFABAA621S106Make and receive telephone calls
FE0D 04CFABAA617S309Develop a presentation
FE0E 04CFABAA623S310Deliver a presentation
H989 04CFABAC121S325Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal and/or external customers
FE0F 04CFABAD111S315Support the design and development of information systems
FE0G 04CFABAD131S316Monitor information systems
FE0H 04CFABAD322S317Analyse and report data
FE0M 04CFABAB141S329Provide administrative support in schools
H98A 04CFASPA2S330Administer parking and traffic challenges, representations and parking charge appeals
FE0P 04CFABAB133S331Administer statutory parking and traffic appeals
FE0R 04CFABAB134S332Administer parking and traffic debt recovery
FN75 04SFJCHCC061S351Verify Critical Dates for Sentences
FN76 04SFJCHCC068S352Verify the Release Process
FN7A 04CFAAA121S353Administer Agricultural Records
FN7C 04CFAAA122S354Make Agricultural Returns, Applications and Claims
FN77 04CFABAB111S355Administer Legal Files
FN78 04CFABAB112S356Build Case Files
FN79 04CFABAB113S357Manage Case Files
H982 04CFABAE141S112Use occupational and safety guidelines when using a workstation
A maximum of 2 units* from IT and Financial Services may be selected
H5JS 04FSP P4S247Control payroll
FD9L 04FSP FA3S248Account for income and expenditure
FD9M 04FSP FA5S249Draft financial statements
FD8V 04FSP P2S125Calculate pay
F9AN 04ESKIBS1S114aBespoke software 1h
F9AT 04ESKIBS1S114bSpecialist software 1h
F9C1 04ESKIDMS1S115Data management software 1i
F9C4 04ESKIDB1S116Database software 1j
F99D 04ESKIPU1S117Improving productivity using IT 1k
F99R 04ESKIITS1S118IT security for users 1l
F9CR 04ESKIPS1S119Presentation software 1m
F99J 04ESKISIS1S120Setting up an IT system 1n
F9D0 04ESKISS1S121Spreadsheet software 1o
F9A6 04ESKIUCT1S122Using collaborative technologies1p
F9D3 04ESKIWS1S123Website software 1q
F9D6 04ESKIWP1S124Word processing software 1r
F9A3 04ESKIEML1S113Using email 1s




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