Securing Cisco Network Devices (SND)

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Course duration: 5 Days

Associated Certifications: CCSP


Students who attend this course must have experience in configuring Cisco IOS software and have met the following prerequisites: – Certification as a CCNA or the equivalent knowledge. – Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system – Familiarity with the networking and security terms and concepts (the concepts are learned in prerequisite training or by reading industry publications).

Course Content

SND v1.0 is a five-day, leader-led course which will be delivered by Cisco Learning Partners (CLPs). This course is an entry level network security course offered as a pre-requisite to the Cisco Qualified Specialist curriculum. It provides an opportunity to learn about a broad range of the components embedded in Cisco SAFE. Learners will recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks and learn how to implement basic mitigation measures. The course provides an introduction to the Cisco products and solutions that form the basis of the Cisco security portfolio. Learners will be able to perform basic task to secure network devices at Layers 2 and 3 using command line interface and web-based GUIs. Devices include routers, switches, access control servers, IPS sensors and VPN Concentrators.

Course Outline

Module 1 Securing a Network with Cisco SAFE
Module 2 Securing the Perimeter
Module 3 Cisco Security Appliances
Module 4 Building IPSec VPNs
Module 5 Securing Networks with Host- and Network-based IPS
Module 6 Securing Access with Cisco Secure ACS
Module 7 Managing Network Security

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