*New* Oil Industry Environmental Monitoring

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Oil Industry Environmental Monitoring Training

Course Outline

Day 1:


• Introduction
• Outline
• Factors affecting data quality

• Recap
• Water pollution-Practical session-
• Oils and HC by IR

Practical session-Microbiological: BOD

Lectures: Remediation of Oil pollution

Site Visit-Travel (where available)

Day 2

Factors Affecting Data Quality-Practical Session

• Sampling and physicochemical testing General Principles
• Recap/Water pollution
• Bacteriological Analysis in the fields

Site Visit-Induction and briefing

Day 3

Lectures: Air and water pollution

Demonstration: Image analysis

Practical Session: Using the Potalab to carry out Coliforms and E-coli

Site Visit-sampling and analysis

Day 4

Water pollution-Practical session-
Flow/COD/TSS/Ammonia/Turbidity/PV/Alk/NOx/pH/ Conductivity/Metals

Water pollution-Practical session-Microbiological: BOD/Flow

Lecture: Report Writing

The theory and practice of analysing for pH, Electrical Conductivity& Turbidity using the Potalab / Multiple choice test.

Site Visit-report writing
Duration: 4 Days

Environmental Monitoring Training UK, Scotland, England, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also av

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