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Microsoft SharePoint Power User

Course Objectives

Learn the essential skills of using Microsoft SharePoint. By the end of this course, users will be able to collaborate with other users through their SharePoint portal, including using document management, lists, discussion boards and surveys.


This course assumes that you have gained a basic understanding of Windows and Office applications. This includes an ability to work with multiple windows and navigate the desktop, as well as having an understanding of computer file storage (i.e. drives, files and folders).
This course is instructor led, involving the utilisation of examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

Course Content

An Overview of SharePoint
• SharePoint Sites
• Team Sites
• Library Types
• Permissions and Groups
• Accessing SharePoint
• The SharePoint Window

Add Documents
• The Shared Document Library
• Create a New Document
• Upload a Single Document
• Upload Multiple Documents

View Documents in a Library
• Document Library Standard View
• Document Library Datasheet View
• Using Windows Explorer
• Sorting in a Document Library
• Filtering in a Document Library
• Custom Filters

Edit Documents
• Edit a Document in Standard View
• Edit a Document in Datasheet View
• Check In and Check Out a Document
• Delete a Document
• View Document Versions
• Restore and Delete Document Versions

Maintain a Document Library
• Create a Document Library
• Document Templates
• Change the Document Library Template
• Override Check Out
• Create a Document Library View

Wiki Library
• Edit a Wiki Page
• Create Links to a Page
• Create a New Wiki Page
• Wiki Page Maintenance

Picture Library
• Upload a Picture to a Library
• Upload Multiple Pictures to a Library
• Edit and Delete a Picture in a Library
• Downloading and Sending Pictures

Slide Library
• Publish Slides from PowerPoint
• Delete Slides from a Slide Library
• Use a Slide in a Presentation

Creating Libraries
• Create a Wiki Page Library
• Create a Picture Library
• Create a Slide Library
• Change Library Settings
• Add Site Columns to a Library
• Library Views

Communications Lists
• View Announcements
• Add, Edit and Delete an Announcement
• View Contacts List
• Add, Edit and Delete a Contact
• View a Discussion Thread
• Add a New Discussion
• Reply to a Discussion
• Setting Alerts
• Subscribe to a List
• Sorting and Filtering Lists

Managing Communication Lists
• General Settings for a List
• Permission Settings
• Communications Settings
• Create Custom Column in a List
• Create a View for a List
• Create a Communications List

• Using Links
• Add a New Link

• Add, Edit and Delete an Event
• Viewing Events in a Calendar
• Other Events List Views

Task Lists
• Add a New Task
• Manage and Filter Tasks
• Delete a Task
• Task List Views

Managing Tracking Lists
• General Settings for a List
• Permission Settings
• Communications Settings
• Create Custom Column in a List
• Create a View for a List
• Create a Tracking List
• Add List Content to a Page

• Respond to a Survey
• Survey Question Types
• Viewing Survey Responses
• Create a Survey
• Survey Text Questions
• Survey Choice Question
• Survey Rating Scale Question
• Survey Number or Currency Questions
• Survey Lookup Questions
• Survey Yes or No Question
• Modify Survey Settings

Working with Word
• Open a SharePoint Document from Word
• Create a Document Workspace in Word
• Document Management Panel

Working with Excel
• Export a List to Excel
• Table Tools in Excel
• Linking Lists

Working with Outlook
• Adding SharePoint Contacts to Outlook
• Add a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook
• Add a SharePoint Task List to Outlook

Basic Web Pages
• Create a Web Page Library
• Create and Edit a Basic Web Page
• Add an Image to a Basic Web Page
• Add a Hyperlink to a Basic Web Page

Web Part Pages
• Create a Web Part Page
• Modify the Page Title Bar
• Add a Web Part to a Page
• Content Editor Web Parts
• Modifying Web Parts

Users, Groups and Permissions
• About Users, Groups and Permissions
• Add and Remove a User
• Create a New User Group
• View Group Permissions
• Change Group Settings
• Add a User with Individual Permissions

My Site
• Define My Site
• Apply a Theme to My Site
• My Site Document Libraries
• My Site Profile

Duration: 2 Day

Cost: £745 + Vat

SharePoint Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and onsite course available throughout the UK.

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