(New) Design of Bridges to Eurocodes

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Course duration: 3 Days

Cost: £1295 + VAT

Eurocodes are a pan-European set of design codes for building and civil engineering works. The less prescriptive approach and more up-to-date rules provide the user with greater scope for innovation and economy. However, engineers will need to make greater use of first principles, as fewer rules and formulae are given.

This three-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the design of steel, concrete and composite bridges to Eurocodes.

Key guidance is given on the Eurocodes relevant to bridge design, the associated National Annexes and other non-contradictory complementary information. The course will enable delegates to understand underlying Eurocode principles and the differences from design to BS 5400.

Day one provides an introduction to the Eurocodes, the background to their development, how they inter-relate and how to navigate between them. A brief introduction to the conceptual design of bridges is given and the Eurocode approach to limit states is explained. Actions and their combination are discussed in detail.

Day two commences with an introduction to bridge analysis methods and associated Eurocode requirements. An introduction to the design of concrete bridge elements is provided, considering material properties and ultimate and serviceability limit states. More advanced aspects of concrete bridge design are then explored. The day concludes with an introduction to the design of steel elements.

Day three commences with an introduction to the design of connections of steel members, after which the design of steel-concrete composite structures is examined. Finally, geotechnical issues for bridge designers are briefly explored considering the interaction between structures and the ground, and requirements specific to the design of integral bridges and buried structures.

The principal course developer is an experienced bridge engineer who has been highly active in the development and implementation of Eurocodes in UK. He has advised public and private clients extensively on Eurocodes implementation, covering both the highway and rail sectors. Course tutors are all experienced Chartered Civil and Structural Engineers. They are bridge specialists, with particular experience of Eurocode development and application


At the end of the course you should be able to:
Understand the concepts behind the Eurocodes
Navigate between the Eurocodes relevant to bridge design and other associated publications
Understand the links between the Eurocodes and Product and Execution standards
Identify actions and form combinations
Understand different approaches available for bridge analysis
Undertake member designs according to Eurocodes
Understand key geotechnical issues and how structures interact with the ground

Intended for

The course is intended for civil and structural engineers seeking an introduction to the design of road and rail bridges to Eurocodes.
Some familiarity with bridge design to BS5400 will be expected. The breadth of the Eurocodes is extensive and it is not therefore possible to provide detailed coverage of advanced methods of analysis and design within the scope of the course

Outline Programme

Day 1

Introduction to bridge design to Eurocodes
Conceptual design
Limit states and the basis of design
Actions on bridges

Day Two

Bridge analysis to Eurocodes
Concrete design – Part 1: Introduction to Eurocode 2, materials and ULS
Concrete design – Part 2: SLS, fatigue and detailing
Steel design – Part 1: Introduction to Eurocode 3, materials and ULS

Day Three

Steel design – Part 2: SLS, connections and fatigue
Steel-concrete composite design: Introduction to Eurocode 4, materials, ULS and SLS
Earth pressure and introduction to foundation design
Integral bridges and buried structures

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