Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced

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Advanced MS Project 2010 Training

OverviewThis course is designed for users of Project 2010 who wish an understanding of some of the more advanced features and functions within the program.

Delegates will learn how to work more closely with Resources, Sort and Find information; Customise View, Filters, Tables, Reports, Fields, Grouping, WBS Codes; Share information with other applications,

PrerequisitesDelegates should have attended a Project 2010 Introduction and/or the Project 2010 Intermediate course or have the equivalent knowledge.
Key Learning Points

Review of the Basics


Working With Your Schedule & Resources

Shortening the Schedule

Changing the Schedule by Changing Resources

Determining the Driving Resource

Understanding Effort-Driven Scheduling

Understanding Task Types

Changing the Task Type

Using the Resource Allocation View

Using the Task Usage View

Using the Resource Usage View

Assigning a Resource Part-time

Decreasing the Work Assigned

Delaying a Resource Assignment

Setting Resource Availability

Scheduling Overtime

Splitting Tasks

Assigning a Resource Contour

Changing the Priority of Tasks

Managing Costs

Creating a Rate Table

Applying a Rate Table to a Task Assignment

Assigning Fixed Costs

Viewing Cost Information

Viewing Overbudget Tasks

Reducing Costs

Sorting & Finding Tasks & Resources

Performing a Predefined Sort

Performing a Customized Sort

Permanently Renumbering Tasks

Resetting the Sort Options

Finding Tasks and Resources

Replace Tasks and Resources

Customizing Columns, Filters, Tables, Gantt Bars & Views

Adding a new Column

Create a Custom Column

Adding a formula to a Column

Adding Graphical Elements

Create Custom Gantt Bars

Defining a New Filter

Editing a Filter

Creating a Filter Based on Another Filter

Defining a New Table

Editing a Table

Creating a Table Based on Another Table

Defining a New Single View

Defining a Combination View

Editing a View

Creating a View Based on Another View


Customising the Timeline

Adding tasks to the timeline

Changing text styles and fonts

Show/Hide information

Display tasks as a Call out

Display tasks as a Bar

Use the Pan and Zoom Option

Formatting Graphical Views

Formatting bars for a Task Category

Adding Text to Gantt Bars

Customise Gantt Bars to change colour

Changing the Timescale

Showing Rollup Tasks

Formatting the Calendar View

Formatting the Resource Graph

Customising Reports

Customising a Task or Resource Report

Create a Custom Report

Editing a Report Customising the Project Environment

Using the Global File

Using the Organiser

Copy and Delete an element

Using Macros

Recording and Playing a Macro

Deleting a Macro

Customising the Ribbon and Button Groups

Creating a new Tab

Creating a new Button Group and add buttons

Reset the Ribbon

Exchanging Project Plan Data With Other Applications

Copy information to and from Project

Copying from another application to Project

Linking Data

Inserting Drawn Objects

Import a Task List From An Excel File Into a New Project Plan

Import a Task List from Excel by Copy and Paste

Map a Task List from Excel into Project

Create a custom import map

Export project plan cost data into excel

Export Cost Data to Excel with Copy and Paste

Export Cost Data into Excel using Visual Reports

Copy A Picture Into A Word Document

Copy a Picture into a Word Document print screen

Copy a Picture into a Word Document using the Snipping Tool


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £235 + VAT


Advanced MS Project Training Scotland, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling, Aberdeen and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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