Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 – Advanced

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + VAT

Course Overview

This course is ideal for candidates who regularly create presentations and wish to develop their presentation skills to include multimedia and animation features.

1 Day instructor led

Course prerequisites

Full knowledge of all the topics covered in our Fundamentals Course

By the end of this course you will be able to:

· Use the slide master to personalise your presentation or apply a corporate style

· Manipulate graphic objects by aligning, rotating, grouping and ungrouping them

· Use custom animation effects to animate text, graphics and charts

· Use multimedia to further enhance your presentation by introducing images, audio tracks and video clips

· Create Custom Shows based on saved presentations

· Use hyperlinks and action buttons to navigate within your presentation, to files saved elsewhere and to web pages

· Use the Pack & Go tool to travel with your presentation

· Link and paste objects from other applications

· Use additional PowerPoint options and features

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