Microsoft Excel 2003 – Advanced Level 2

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + VAT


This course is aimed at users who have attended Microsoft Excel Fundamentals and Intermediate courses, or for users wishing to clarify existing knowledge using various methods and techniques.

The topics covered are listed below.

Section 1

Revision of Basic Excel Techniques

Section 2

Naming Ranges
Adding Cell Comments
Inserting Text Boxes
Protecting Sheets and Workbooks

Section 3

Working with Data Lists
What is a List
Using a Form within a List
Sorting Data
Filtering Data in a List
Using an Advanced Filter
Summarising Data in a List
Sub Totals

Section 4

Creating Templates
Editing Templates
Inserting Templates
Deleting Templates
Using Templates
Saving a Workspace File

Section 5

Recording Macros
Using Shortcut Keys and Buttons
Creating Toolbars
Assigning Macros to Menu Items
Assigning Macros to Toolbars

Section 6

Revising Chart Creation
Additional Chart Options

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