Microsoft Access 2003 – Advanced

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course Overview:

This course covers some of the more complex aspects of building an Access Database. The topics included will help you to create a database for groups of users.

Course prerequisites:

Attendance of the Developing Course or familiarity of all topics covered at that Level.

1 day instructor led

By the end of this course you will be able to:

· Make your queries more powerful by using various types of queries to perform specific functions
· Query data from more than one table at a time to further improve and refine the results of information you are searching for
· Develop relationships that link data and observe the effects they can have when altered
· Develop and use more features within forms and further customise their appearance
· Develop more professional reports from your database by showing groups of information within a report and sorting the report results to make the data more useful
· Use Macros as a method of automating repetitive tasks and create macro buttons on a form making your database far simpler for your and your colleagues
· Set general passwords to ensure the security of your data
· Use the functionality of Microsoft Access in connecting to Microsoft packages such as Word and Excel

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