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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £325 + VAT

This course will cover the following key topics:

1. Understanding Revision 5

• Analysing the changes included in revision 5
• What do these changes mean to you?

2. The format of the MF1

• What does MF1 contain?
• What are its benefits?
• How is it laid out?
• How does it relate to other contracts?
• The different revisions and the reasons for them
• Scope for the use of MF1; and its derivatives MF2 and MF3
• Is MF1 suitable for overseas or international contracts?

3. Negotiating with MF1

• Using the standard form
• Using non-standard variants
• Understanding amendments proposed by other parties
• Using the appendix
• Using the aide-memoire for special conditions
• Altering the order of precedence of documents
• Using the special conditions provided for specific types of contract

4. Key clauses

• Key clauses about obligations
• Key clauses that assist good project management
• Key clauses that may affect the contract value
• Key clauses about time, progress and delay
• Practical clauses
• The variations clause

5. Title to goods: insurance and indemnities

• When does title pass?
• Why does this matter?
• What are the insurance obligations and the different types of insurance to be affected?
• Who indemnifies whom and in what respects?
• What are the agreed risks of the parties?

6. Testing and handing over

• The three different types of test and their implications
• ‘Taking over’: when it occurs and what it means
• ‘Performance tests’: what are they and what does MF1 provide for?
• How do liquidated damages relate to tests?
• Understanding the special conditions

7. Defects liability and limits of liability

• The provisions about defects liability
• Limits of liability
• The commercial realitiesø

8. MF1 documentation

• The MF1 Form of Agreement
• The MF1 Form of Variation Order
• The MF1 Form of Performance Bond

9. Summing up

• Evaluation of MF1
• Open forum for questions

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