IT Consultancy

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Synergie Training provide a full range of IT Consultancy linked to the training we offer and we specialise in Microsoft and Citrix Consultancy.

Projects Include:

  • Microsoft – Providing consultancy and support for the Migration from GroupWise to an XL tenancy of Office 365 (47,000+ Objects).
  • Design and deployment of the SCCM infrastructure over multiple sites.
  • Support for Office 365 / Exchange, SCCM, Active Directory.
  • Planning, design and managing the implementation of Microsoft infrastructure products for small to medium enterprises, including products such as Microsoft Exchange, Systems Management Server and the suite of Forefront and System Centre products.


  • Citrix – We provide a range of Citrix consultancy services, from infrastructure assessments and health checks to full design and installation services. We also offer consultancy from simple remote access solutions for a specialist team to a multinational deployment.
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