Introduction to JavaScript

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £575 + Vat

Getting Started

JavaScript Overview
JavaScript Programming Basics

Variables and Operators

Variables and Data Types
Using Variables and Literals

Control Statements

Controlling the Flow: JavaScript Control Statements

Functions and Objects


The Window Object

Dialog Boxes
Status Bar Messages
Window Manipulations

The Document Object

The Document Object
Writing to Documents
Dynamic Documents


HTML Frames Review
Scripting for Frames

Forms and Forms-based Data

The Form Object
Working With Form Elements and Their Properties

The String and RegExp Objects

The String Object
Using String Object Methods to Correct Data Entry Errors
Creating Dynamic Effects With Substring Methods
The RegExp Object

Form Validation

Form Validation: A Process
Testing Data
Preparing Data for Validation and Reporting Results
Validating Non-text Form Objects

Dates and Math

The Date Object
Using and Manipulating Dates
The Math Object
Doing Math With JavaScript

Cross-browser Compatibility

Examining the Compatibility Landscape
Detecting Browsers and Platforms

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