Introduction to Construction Project Management

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Construction Project Management Training



The participants will be introduced to the What, Who, How and When etc. steps in running a project successfully.

This will be illustrated with a few well known projects in the public arena where some of the basic aspects of project management have not been carried out resulting in ‘failure’ of the project objectives.

2.     SYNDICATE EXERCISE                                                    (WORKSHOP)

             Participants discuss the problems encountered in their own project situations.

        –   Identification of barriers or problems that face a project leader within the organisation.

        –   Identify working relationships and procedures needed to ensure a successful project.

        –   Identify what is or is not already available within the organisation.


This is a group exercise (max 6 per team) that involves putting the nine steps into practice.  It simulates the problems involved in small projects and task management.  The Tutor, acting as Client, will brief the teams’ Representative who will have to communicate the Client’s requirements to their team.  It will be up to the Group to analyse the problem, buy materials (from the Client) and build a structure for the least cost in the time allowed. 

One person will act as observer in each group so as to provide feed-back.

The exercise will be followed by an analysis of the issues involved and the performance of the teams.

4.     THE SITE  V’S  HEAD OFFICE.                               (GROUP EXERCISE)

The influence of a Cost Centre approach to managing an organisation.


 5.     THE PROJECT AND SUMMARY                        (VIDEO & DISCUSSION)

Re-emphasis of the basic Project Management characteristics and processes.

A review of the lessons learnt during the course and a discussion of the ways in which the subjects raised so far can be applied to the participant’s own work.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £325 + VAT

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