International Negotiation

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course running order

The impact of culture on negotiations

A review of differing cultural styles
The danger of stereotyping
Meet the person
When to use translators?

Understanding different cultural styles

Recognising National characteristics Behaviours and customs
A review of stereotypes of Northern Eastern and Mediterranean negotiating styles
A review of Northern and South American styles
The Far East, Japan and China
Attitudes to negotiation
The hidden cultural rules
The typical body language
Some do’s and Don’ts

Creating the right environment and relationships
Preparation and Planning

Course objectives

To explore the different facets of negotiation behaviour in the international context

Who should attend?

All purchasing personnel involved in the negotiation and sourcing of goods and services from outside their own national boundary.
Teams that are involved in high level negotiations seeking to further develop their use of this vital procurement skill

Duration / Fees

A 1-day single manned course.

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking

Learning outcomes

To enable delegates to:

Understand the impact of different cultural styles
Creating the right environment and relationships
Planning in multi-disciplinary teams
Learn new behaviours and techniques
Understand key tactics and ploys
Obtain better results

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