Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS) v2.0

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Course duration: 2 Days


Fundamental knowledge of implementing network security / CCSP or Security CQS and working knowledge of routing and switching / CCNA


Cisco Security Mitigation and Response System (CS MARS) is a family of high performance, scalable appliances for threat management, monitoring and mitigation, enabling customers to make more effective use of network and security devices by combining network intelligence, context correlation, vector analysis, anomaly detection, hotspot identification and automated mitigation capabilities. CS MARS solutions empower customers to readily and accurately identify, manage and eliminate network attacks and maintain network compliance.

Course Content

MARS Introduction and Task Flow / Provide overview of MARS technology and STM Task Flow Overview.

Lab 1-1 Accessing MARS 20 appliance.

Configuring MARS,Configure administration tasks in the MARS system using User Interface.

Lab 2-1 Adding Cisco Reporting Devices into MARS

Lab 2-2 Adding non-Cisco Reporting Devices into MARS

MARS Incident Investigation Configure MARS for incident investigation, create query and send alerts.

Lab 3-1 Generating Summary Reports

Lab 3-2 Configure appliance to perform Incident Investigation and attack mitigation.

Lab 3-3 Creating Queries and Reports.

MARS Rules and Management Use MARS User Interface to configure rules, management and system maintenance features.

Lab 4-1 Distributed Threat Mitigation Lab

Lab 4-2 Create a Custom Parser

MARS Global Controller, Provide overview of MARS Global Controller

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