Human-health risk assessment (Day 3)

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Human-health risk assessment Training

Humans are key receptors of the hazards posed by land contamination under both Part 2A and Planning Control. Therefore, human health risk assessment is often an essential step for contaminated sites.

This is one of a series of 5 one-day courses covering the fundamental subject matter relevant to the investigation, assessment and management of land contamination. The courses aim to improve knowledge of the subject matter and the application of this knowledge in the risk-based approach for the assessment and management of land contamination.  The courses in this series cover legislation and conceptual models, site characterisation, human-health risk assessment, remediation and risk management and reviewing 3rd Party reports.  These courses can be taken individually or in combination.

This is an introductory course suitable for new starters, those needing a refresher or for those managing contaminated land staff.

This course is of relevance to :

  • Regulatory and local authority staff involved with contaminated land issues
  • Consultants
  • Problem holders and developers needing a more in-depth understanding of contaminated land issues
  • Anyone producing contaminated land reports
  • Anyone reviewing third party reports

The course will:

  • introduce delegates to the background and policy underpinning the UK approach to human health risk assessment as contained in the Environment Agency Science Reports;
  • cover the statistical analysis of data to allow the derivation of representative contaminant concentrations;
  • deal with generic quantitative risk assessment (GQRA) and the use of appropriate screening criteria;
  • enable delegates to use the UK Soil Guideline Values (when released) in an appropriate manner; and
  • introduce delegates to detailed quantitative risk assessment (DQRA) including the sourcing of data inputs for the derivation of site-specific assessment criteria.

The Practical session will involve using and understanding CLEA software output reports for human health risk assessment.

By the end of the course delegates should be better able to:

  • understand and appreciate the background research behind the CLEA guidance;
  • understand the applicability of human health risk assessment guidance to both Part 2A and Planning;
  • understand why ICRCL and non-UK compliant (e.g. Dutch) values are not appropriate to use;
  • use Soil Guideline Values and be able to determine whether the use of the guideline values are appropriate or not; and
  • understand the importance of selecting appropriate input parameters for use in detailed quantitative risk assessment.

All delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance which should be retained and used to provide evidence of CPD activity when required by employers or professional bodies.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £275  + VAT


Human-health risk assessment Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen, Perth, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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