HR Metrics – Demonstrating Added Value

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HR Metrics  Training

In a world where increasingly HR is asked to prove its value and provide measurable results, it is an ideal time to align HR and organisational metrics to strategic business decisions. HR Metrics are an under used tool and this workshop provides Business Partners with the opportunity to maximise and demonstrate the value of HR’s contribution with their customers. Most HR functions have sets of measures they report on, but their relevance varies widely from organisation to organisation. The role of the HR Business Partner is essentially strategic, and the proactive application of relevant metrics provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the line, focus efforts and deliver results.

This workshop is aimed at HR Partners and Consultants looking to develop their use of organisational HR metrics and HR Directors looking to review their use within organisations.

This workshop will enable you to:

• Significantly improve the metrics used within your own organisation and establish how these can
contribute to key strategic priorities
• Understand the HR Business Partners’ role in using metrics and how these can increase your strategic profile
• Align HR metrics and organisational metrics to make decisions on key HR processes
• Develop your own skills in analysing and interpreting the key data to lever change within
your organisation

Contents will include:

• Reviewing the variety of metrics available and assessing their respective value and impact
• The role of measurement in Business Partners’ strategic input
• Analysing and interpreting data to lever change
• The blue print for success – case studies of effective use of HR Metrics from HR Business Partners in the public and private sector
• A metrics clinic – consisting of a review of current organisational practices, exploration of strategic priorities and how metrics can be used more effectively
• Developing a personal action plan Contents will include:

The price is £480 per person. One-Day Workshop

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