Hospitality Management SCQF 9

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SVQ in Hospitality Management

GG28 24 SVQ 4 Hospitality Management Skills SCQF level 8 – Structure

To achieve the qualification candidates are required to complete 10 units in total.  This comprises:

·         All four mandatory Units

·         At least two Units from Group 1

·         The remaining four Units can come from either Group 1 or Group 2


Mandatory Units
SQA RefSSC RefTitleSCQF LevelSCQF Points
H2Y7 044GEN8Manage the Performance of Teams and Individuals86
H2Y8 044GEN9Contribute to the Strategic Goals of the Organisation’s Leadership Team86
H2Y9 044GEN17Comply with Legislative Requirements in Hospitality86
DR67 044GEN20Manage Your Own Resources and Professional Development78


Group 1: Optional Units – Minimum 2 – Maximum 6 Units Required
SQA RefSSC RefTitleSCQF LevelSCQF Points
H2YA 044GEN2Manage Purchasing Costs in Hospitality89
H2YB 044GEN3Manage Payroll Costs for Your Team88
H2YC 044GEN4Manage Rotas for Your Hospitality Team86
H2YD 044GEN5Obtain, Analyse and Implement Customer Feedback88
H2YE 044GEN6Lead, Manage and Follow Up the Meeting Process73
H2YF 044GEN7Recruit and Select Hospitality Staff88
H2YG 044GEN10Devise and Implement Training and Development Plans for Your Hospitality Teams87
H2YH 044GEN11Manage the Use of the Organisation’s Systems to Meet Operational Needs811
H2YJ 044GEN12Determine Market Opportunities and Plan the

Future Provision of Services

H2YK 044GEN13Maximise Sales and Profit910
H2YM 044GEN14Manage Operational Aspects of Refurbishment Programmes89
H2YN 044GEN15Initiate and Manage Supplier Contracts87
H2YP 044GEN16Manage a Function88
FM5F 044GEN18Manage Physical Resources89
Group 1 (continued)
FM4X 044GEN19Implement Change811
FM58 044GEN21Initiate and Follow Grievance Procedure66
FM57 044GEN22Initiate and Follow Disciplinary Procedure66
DR5T 044GEN23Manage Finance for Your Area of Responsibility814
FE3P 044GEN24Handle Referred Customer Complaints810
FE2W 044GEN25Use Customer Service as a Competitive Tool78
FE2X 044GEN26Organise the Promotion of Additional Services or Products to Customers67
FE3L 044GEN27Review the Quality of Customer Service88
F2H3 04HSL28Manage the Environmental Impact of Your Work84


Group 2: Optional Units – Up to 4 Units may be selected from this group
SQA RefSSC RefTitleSCQF LevelSCQF Points
H2YR 044KM31Participate in the design, Implementation and Monitoring of a Kitchen Food Safety Management System87
H2YS 044KM32Develop and Evolve Dishes and Recipes Showing Innovation and Creativity811
H2YT 044KM33Develop and Deliver a Menu Which Meets Organisational Standards and Financial Targets810
H2YV 044KM34Manage the Presentation and Portion Size of Dishes in Accordance with Organisational Standards77
H2YW 044KM35Manage a Team to Prepare, Cook and Present Food to Organisational Standards812
H2YX 044KM36Keep up to Date with Current Industry and Food Trends810
H2YY 044KM37Plan and Design Operational Areas85
H300 044FOH41Manage Customer Profiles and Recognition811
H301 044FOH42Ensure Statutory Fire and Other Security

Procedures Are In Place and Followed (Team

and Whole Establishment)

H302 044FOH43Manage Arrivals and Departures to Deliver and Maximise Revenue Potential89
H303 044FOH44Manage Accurate and Appropriate Billing and

Payment Processes

H304 044FOH45Manage Front of House and Guest Relation


H305 044FOH46Manage Reservations Systems77
H307 044HK51Implement and Manage Housekeeping Procedures88
H309 044HK52Manage Guest Security and Privacy in Accordance with Legislative and Organisational Procedures84
H30A 044HK53Manage Room Availability to Maximise Revenue Potential85
H30B 044HK54Liaise with Others to Manage Maintenance and Repair Work86


Group 2 (continued)
H30C 044HK55Manage Additional Services Throughout the


H30D 044HK56Manage Linen Service to Deliver a High Quality Provision84
H30E 044HK57Manage the Supply of Uniforms and Housekeeping of Staff Areas84
H30F 044FB61Ensure Food and Beverages are Served to

Organisational Standards

H30G 044FB62Manage the Organisation of the Food and Beverage Service Area86
H30H 044FB63Develop Beverage Lists to Complement the Menu86
H30J 044FB64Participate in the Production and Presentation of the Menu86
H30K 044FB65Manage Cellar Operations87
H30L 044FB66Develop a Team to Provide Enhanced Levels of Food and Beverage Service87

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