Design of Structural Masonry to Eurocode 6

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Eurocodes are a pan-European set of design codes for building and civil engineering works. They will replace the existing codes published by the British Standards Institution in the UK and provide a common understanding regarding design between owners, operators, designers and contractors in civil and structural engineering throughout Europe.

Phased publication of the entire range of Eurocodes is underway and they will replace the existing BS codes following a period of co-existence.

Eurocode 6 represents a marked change in UK practice and there will be significant demands on those undertaking masonry designs to appreciate, understand and apply the new approach to both the strength of materials and the method of design. It introduces a new classification of masonry units and also a new design approach for masonry members in compression.

This one-day course provides a clear and considered introduction to the design of masonry using Eurocode 6 focusing on the key elements of the new design code. An overview of the Eurocode suite is also given, placing masonry design in the context of the other design Eurocodes and the supporting standards. Tutorials covering the design of unreinforced brick and block masonry form an important part of the course.

The course is highly interactive with worked tutorial examples and is based on practical design problems. Delegates’ participation is actively encouraged throughout.

The tutor is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with extensive experience of masonry materials and design. He chaired the committee responsible for the UK input to Eurocode 6.


At the end of the course, participants should:

Be aware of the development and operation of the Eurocode suite of design codes and the supporting standards.
Understand the structure, operation and interaction of Eurocode 6 within the Eurocode suite.
Understand and be conversant with the key features of Part 1-1 Eurocode 6.
Be able to undertake design of vertically loaded walls using Eurocode 6.
Be able to undertake design of laterally loaded panels using Eurocode 6.

Intended for

Civil and structural engineering designers who wish to design masonry using EN1996 -1 -1.

Outline Programme

Introduction to Eurocodes
Materials and construction
Design for vertical voad
Vertical load tutorial
Design for lateral load
Lateral load tutorial

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