Customer Service Skills

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Customer Service Training


Course Objectives

  • Identify good and bad customer service behaviour
  • Explain how to get a clear understanding of customers’ expectations
  • Use effective questioning and listening techniques to clarify customer requirements
  • Recognise and use communication techniques to control the conversation
  • Demonstrate the importance of your choice of language and how it impacts on your conversations with customers
  • Explain Transactional Analysis and its benefits when dealing with customers
  • Deal with handle challenging customers calmly and confidently


This course takes you through some proven strategies and frameworks to ensure effective customer service.

First, we will examine our own experience of good and bad customer service and apply that to the workplace.  We then look at how effective questioning and listening skills enable you to find customers’ requirements and let you tell them what you can do.  You will then demonstrate this through an interactive exercise.

We will examine some communication techniques that help you to control a conversation and show how careful use of language makes your message clear to the customer.

We also demonstrate how effective use of Transactional Analysis gives a better understanding of customer behaviour and how you can best react to them.

This course has a varied format of discussion, individual and group exercises..


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £175 + VAT


Customer Service Training Scotland, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and onsite courses throughout the UK.


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