Crystal Reports Advanced

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This course enables users to create more complex Crystal Reports. Report objects such as cross-tabs and sub-reports will be used, and techniques such as Data Dictionaries and direct SQL queries are examined. This course is designed for users with basic report skills, needing to create more complex reports that include sub-reports, cross-tabs, advanced formulas, and charts. Users may or may not have programming and / or database experience


2 Days

Target Audience

Attendance at a Crystal Reports Introduction session is required; knowledge of SQL / Query tools would be helpful, as well as some understanding of database principles.


Advanced Formatting (Conditional)

Advanced Formula Techniques

Multiple-Pass Reporting

SQL/ODBC & SQL Designer

Crystal Dictionaries

Parameter Fields

Multiple Sections

Sub reports

Using Cross Tab Reports

Advanced Cross Tabs

Graphing / Charting

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £750 + VAT

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