Creating Reports Using Report Builder 3.0

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Report Builder Training 

This course is an introduction to creating reports using Report Builder 3.0. It is designed for experienced Excel or Access users wanting to create reports for use with Microsoft Reporting Services, which is a component of Microsoft SQL Server.

A Report can only be created when the appropriate data is available, so the course also includes accessing data using Transact SQL statements, as well as the graphical tools

1. Introduction

• What it looks like.
• Where everything is.
• How easy it is to create reports.

2. Connecting to Data

• Types of data sources.
• Shared Data Sources.
• Report specific data sources.
• Data source credentials.

3. Retrieving Data

• Data Sets.
• Query Designer.
• Stored Procedures.

4. Designing Reports

• Report and page properties
• Headers & Footers.
• Data regions.
• Matrices.
• Lists.
• Charts.
• Gauges.
• Maps.
• Other Report Items.
• Text boxes.
• Sub reports.
• Formatting report items.

5. Manipulating Data Sets

• Sorting data.
• Grouping Data.
• Using parameters with your data.
• Creating and using parameters in your data.
• Setting default values for parameters.
• Creating parameter lists.
• Calculations.
• Filters.

6. Enhancing Basic Reports

• Report item visibility.
• Interactive sorting.
• Expressions.
• To display report information & parameters values.
• To highlight exceptions in data.
• To stripe data rows.
• Document maps.

7. Saving, Sharing and Printing Reports

• Saving local reports.
• Sharing reports.
• To a report server.
• To a SharePoint site.
• Viewing, printing and exporting reports from a report server or SharePoint.
• Creating report subscriptions
By having this course at your site we are able to create reports using your data, as well as the Adventure Works sample database.

The training involves Instructor led demonstrations, and hands on exercises. There is also time for delegates to create their own reports using their data.

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