CDM2007 Best Practice Update

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Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007

CDM2007 Best Practice Update

This course is designed to provide all of the CDM2007 duty holders with a discussion forum on the ways that the duties can and should be performed and the best practice measures that should be considered. The course is highly interactive and includes presentations, notes, syndicated exercises, delegate discussion and an examination to ensure effective learning outcomes.

Session 1 Introduction and Setting Course Objectives

Session 2 CDM2007 Failings

Discussion on examples of accidents that are indicative of the CDM2007 duty holders¡¦ failure to comply. Informing the client and checks before commencing work. CDM co-ordinator and principal contractor late appointments. Client commitment, including notification requirements.

Session 3 Verification of Competence

The use of L144, Appendix 4, for the verification of competence and resources. Pre-qualification, approved suppliers lists, third party accreditation, project-specific checks, interviews and performance feed-back. Syndicate Exercise.

Session 4 Pre-construction Information

The content, format and function of the pre-construction information. The methods that could be used to control, disseminate and update the information.

Session 5 Reducing Risks by Design

How to reduce risks by design, including co-ordination with other designers. Design co-ordination and compliance during the construction phase. Options for recording design decisions and transmitting information. Syndicate Exercise.

Session 6 The Construction Phase

What should, and should not be included within the Construction Phase Plan. Who should be issued with the Plan and how it should be controlled. Construction performance monitoring.

Session 7 The Health and Safety File

What should, and should not be included within the Health and Safety File. How the requirements for the File should be specified and delivered. Syndicate Exercise.

Session 8 Examination

Closed book, multi-choice examination.

Session 9 Course Review and Conclusion

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, delegates should:

  • More fully understand their legal duties under CDM2007;
  • Be aware of the best practice measures that can, and should, be included in the corporate and project arrangements; and
  • Be able to influence their colleagues within their organisations and projects they work on to further CDM2007 best practice.

 Cost: £275 + VAT

 1 Day Course

Maximum number of delegates: 16


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