*NEW* – BS EN 1997 Geotechnical Design

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Geotechnical Design Training

Key topics to be covered

• Brief overview of Eurocodes

• Introduction to EC7 and the national annex

• Usage of appropriate partial factors and design approaches

• Reporting and selection of Soil Parameters in accordance with EC7

• Foundation Design Methodology in accordance with EC7

• Tutorial 1/ Workshop –Bearing Capacity design example

• Gravity Retaining Wall Design Methodology in accordance with EC7

• Dealing with soil properties selection, groundwater and surcharges

• Determination of earth pressures on wall – Active, passive and at rest

• Tutorial 2/Workshop –Gravity retaining wall design example

• Other Issues -Embedded Retaining Wall and Piled Foundation Design

• Questions


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £275 + Vat



Geotechnical Design Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and onsite courses available throughout the UK



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