Asbestos Awareness

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £175 + VAT

Course Description

As asbestos poses a serious threat to health this training course is designed to provide individuals with an understanding and appreciation of the legislative and practical requirements to protect themselves from the risks associated with asbestos on their premises.



Who should attend?

The Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Section 125 clarifies that this training should be delivered to those who are liable to disturb asbestos, such as:
 General maintenance staff, electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, painters & decorators, joiners, plasterers, demolition workers, construction workers, roofers, heating & ventilation engineers, fire & burglar alarm installers, shop fitters, etc.
 Also those professional personnel who supervise or manage projects such as Architects, Building Surveyors and other such professionals.

Key Benefits

 Introduction to asbestos and it’s uses
 Understanding of the health effects and emergency procedures
 Appreciation of the legislative requirements when working with asbestos
 Compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 inc. surveys, registers and removal


UKATA Training Gloucestershire also available.

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