An Introduction to Highway Design Using the DMRB

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Highway Design Training Course

The Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB) dictates how the majority of highways are designed in the UK.  Mandatory for Trunk Road schemes including motorways, it is also utilised by the majority of local authorities and highway design consultants for schemes involving the design and maintenance of non-Trunk Roads.

The DMRB was originally published in 1992 and contained a number of Standards and Advice Notes some of which were updated over the years.  The DMRB has recently undergone a fundamental review with the entire series of Standards being revised and published in April 2020.

This two day course is intended to provide an introduction to persons who are unfamiliar with the DMRB and its contents.  It examines the provisions in some of the key Standards which form the DMRB.  Some of the documents which are discussed are as follows:-

  • CD 109 – Highway link design;
  • CD 127 – Cross-sections and headrooms;
  • CD 122 – Geometric design of grade separated junctions;
  • CD 123 – Geometric design of at-grade priority and signal-controlled junctions;
  • CD 526 – Spacing of road gullies;
  • CD 224 – Traffic assessment;
  • CD 225 – Design for new pavement foundations;
  • CD 226 – Design for new pavement construction; and
  • CD 236 Surface course materials for construction.

The aim of the course is to provide an effective introduction to delegates to key documents in the DMRB.  Throughout the course, delegates are asked to undertake tutorials based on the content of the new Standards.  These, together with the material provided as part of the course and advice on the various aspects from the tutor aim to give the delegates a thorough grounding in the content and usage of the DMRB, essential for all persons working in highway design and maintenance.

Programme overview

Sessions begin at 9:00 and finish at 16:00.  Morning and afternoon breaks and lunch are included in the programme.

Day 1


  1. About the course and these notes
  2. Introduction to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges
  3. Introduction to types of highway
  4. Vertical and horizontal geometry
  5. Cross sections and headrooms
  6. Geometric design of at-grade priority and signal-controlled junctions
  7. Geometric design of grade separated junctions
  8. Spacing of road gullies


Day 2

  1. About the course and these notes
  2. Pavement design documents in the DMRB
  3. Introduction
  4. Traffic assessment
  5. Design for new pavement foundations
  6. Key issues affecting pavement behaviour
  7. Design for new pavement construction
  8. Surface course materials for construction
  9. Summary


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course the delegates should:-

  • Have a good understanding on the structure, aims and scope of the DMRB;
  • Know about the parameters that apply to the design of highway links and junctions;
  • Understand how to design gully spacing on highways and other paved areas;
  • Understand and be able to design highway foundations and pavements.


Who should attend

This training course will benefit all those looking for an introduction to highway design. Delegates will include:-

  • Graduate civil engineers;
  • Graduate transportation engineers; and
  • Designers new to the field of highway design.


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £695 + VAT




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