WSS3DEV – SharePoint Services v3 For Developers

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Course duration: 5 Days

Cost: £1495 + Vat

This course provides you with the knowledge required by a developer in order to customise Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3 using both SharePoint Designer 2007 and Visual Studio 2005/8.

The course will recap the ways in which SharePoint can be customised from the browser, and then consider more in-depth customisation. You will be given a general overview of the architecture of WSS, including an introduction to the available development tools and their functionality.

You will learn to use SharePoint Designer to customise a SharePoint site, including editing its master page and CSS styles as well as creating new lists and customising them, and creating new workflows.

You will then move on to using Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Extensions for WSS. You will create a custom site definition, and learn how to use features and elements within WSS to construct a list definition with an event receiver. You will create new web parts, and see how to connect them to each other and how to add AJAX behaviour to them. You will investigate the SharePoint object model, and the WSS web services that can connect external applications to WSS. You will create custom field types and use them to create a content type. Lastly, you will create a new workflow and a new action for SharePoint Designer, using Visual Studio.

Note: WSS is a subset of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), and all of the material on this course is also applicable to MOSS developers.


The course assumes 6 months development experience with ASP.NET v2.0, or equivalent knowledge (e.g. QAASPNET2), plus end-user knowledge of SharePoint (e.g. QASPEU07/QASPSA07).
Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the pre-requisites you may be asked to leave.

Delegates will learn to:

· Describe how WSS handles web requests using the content database and the 12 hive
· Define common concepts of WSS, including Solutions, Features, Elements, CAML and Web Parts
· Modify a SharePoint site from a web browser
· Create and modify sites, lists and workflows using SharePoint Designer.
· Modify the master page and CSS style of a site using SharePoint Designer
· Create custom site definitions in Visual Studio
· Create custom actions and list definitions in Visual Studio
· Create custom styles and master pages, and use features for branding
· Create Event Receivers in Visual Studio
· Create complex web parts, including AJAX web parts, and connect them to each other
· Create custom field types and custom rendering for them
· Connect other applications to SharePoint using web services and the SharePoint object model
· Create and use a new SharePoint workflow using Visual Studio
· Create new workflow actions for SharePoint Designer using Visual Studio

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