Understanding Suppliers and Managing Markets

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Course duration: 2 Days

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Costing systems
· Breakeven analysis
· Total absorption costing
· Marginal costing
· Estimated costs of ownership

How sellers set their prices
Strategies for market development share and ownership
· The product life cycle and its impact on pricing decisions
· Market competition
· How sellers view their customer base
· Deciding on a price

Managing price
· Purchaser pricing methods, such as fixed, target costing, contract price adjustment and unitary pricing evaluation
· Open book costing approaches to encourage the ‘should cost’ of bought out products and services
· Understanding accounts- balance sheets, profit and loss statements
· Using ratio analysis to understand suppliers pricing propositions

Understanding and Managing markets
· The different market forms and how they operate
· Monopoly, oligopoly and perfect markets
· How elastic is price?
· How commodity markets function

Models of markets
· Porter’s five forces of market analysis
· Understanding the balance of power between buyer and seller
· Recognising the cost and value chains that you trade with

Selecting sourcing strategies based on market exposure
· Compete or collaborate?
· Choosing the best fit supplier for your needs
· Encouraging new entrants
· Joint buying

Course objective

Attendees will gain an understanding into how sellers evaluate markets, competitors, costs and buyers to arrive at a selling and pricing strategy for products and customers. This highly practical course will give attendees an insight into the factors that shape this key seller decision and in so doing move themselves to a position where they are managing their sellers and markets rather than reacting to their behaviours.

Who should attend?

Experienced buyers and teams that are seeking to gain a higher level understanding if how sellers manage their clients and an insight into how to reverse this process and become truly market managing.

Duration / Fees

A 2-day course, single manned

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