Tendering Development and Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

Course running order

Day One

Creating Tenders

The Procurement Process
Users and stakeholders
Developing the Business Case
Identifying needs
Deciding on the sourcing approach
Deciding on contract strategy
Managing the tender cycle – E of I, RFI, RFQ / ITT, agreeing the terms
Evaluating the offers
Obtaining stakeholder buy in

Using a Total Life Cost of Ownership basis for tendering
Structuring specifications to cover all aspects of the need
Conformance or performance specifications
Leaving the supplier room to propose alternative options

Tendering practice – The basics
Identifying Suppliers
Calls for expressions of interest
Market research tools and techniques

Deciding on sourcing strategies
Single versus multiple sourcing
Long term or short term?
Deciding on and selecting the appropriate relationship style
Partnerships for the long term
Leveraging short term relationships for advantage

Day Two

Selecting the Tendering approach
Reverse auctions
Sealed bid tendering systems
E-Tendering systems
Open, restricted, negotiated and competitive dialogue
Using post tender negotiation

Analysing the tenders – The general steps
Evaluating tenders
Establishing Technical and Commercial compliance
Interviewing suppliers
Negotiating with suppliers

Evaluating Capital purchases using general investment appraisal techniques
Design, build, finance and operate strategies
Buy Use and Disposal cost models of asset ownership
Discounted cash flow
Net present value
Rates of return (ROI)

Analysing the offers and making the final selection
Using vendor rating techniques to;
Evaluate Technical risk
Evaluate Commercial risk
Getting Stakeholder / shareholder buy-in

Course objective
To enable the delegate to:

Develop an awareness of the basic principles and understanding of the process of effective tender management.
Understand the strategic issues in the development of sourcing and contracting strategies.
Gain a practical overview of how to put together requests and expressions of interest, requests for information, and tender documents.
Develop a practical understanding of how to evaluate the commercial and technical risk in offers.
Develop an overview of the tools and techniques necessary to analyse capital purchases on a total life cost basis

Who should attend?

Staff involved in creating and managing the tendering process

Course Tutors

Mike Woods, Iain Cameron, Kieran McGregor, Mark Moore

Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned course

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