Price and Cost Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

Course running order

Day 1

· The contribution of effective procurement to corporate performance
· Achieving cost reduction through better procurement
· Understanding supplier pricing methods
· Using break even analysis
· Costing systems – understanding the logic concerned with marginal costing, total absorption costing and breakeven analysis
· The development of open book costing approaches to encourage the ‘should cost’ of bought out products and services

Day 2

· Purchaser pricing methods, such as fixed, target costing, contract price adjustment and unitary pricing
· Understanding accounts- balance sheets, profit and loss statements
· Using ratio analysis to understand suppliers costs
· The use of investment appraisal and discounted cash flow techniques to achieve total cost of ownership methods
· Review and evaluation

Course Objectives

To critically examine all aspects of the commercial management and understanding of suppliers in order to drive maximum value from supply chains. The programme will help equip attendees with an understanding of how suppliers and buyers work within the market context as well as an understanding of how basic economic forces operate and influence organizational costs.

Who should attend?

Teams that are embarking on a supply chain management approach to the delivery of purchasing and procurement results for the business.

Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned programme

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking
A 1-day single manned course

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