Introduction to Supply Chain Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

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Introduction to Supply Chain concepts

Concepts – supply chain management, materials management, logistics, and purchasing
Commercial Concepts – Competitive advantage, Added value, business goals and objectives
Lean thinking and supply chain management

The role of procurement

Procurements’ ‘fit’ with the overall business
Purchase spend as a percentage of total cost of operation
Impact of supply chain performance on overall business efficiencies
Purchasing as a risk management and cost reduction activity

How procurement adds value in the supply chain

Segmenting organisational expenditures
Defining how we add value in each segment of our spend portfolio
Leveraging, partnering, managing for security, and routine purchases
Deciding on the right kind of relationship for each purchase
Setting up our activities to maximise our value added

Designing supply chains

7 key steps in supply chain design
Supply chain mapping
Tiering in supply chains
Seeing supply chains as competing networks


The impact of E-commerce on SCM
Typical approaches to the use of E-commerce
E-auctions when and how to use them

Course Objectives

To give new teams and teams seeking development an overview of the current practices and issue affecting supply chains. The programme has a practical thrust that aims to allow attendees to introduce practical tools and techniques covered on the programme within their work environment

Who should attend?

The course would suit new starters and practitioners who have limited previous experience in the procurement profession
Delegates will be gain an overview of how modern procurement fits within the overall objectives of their business. They will learn the concept of value added activity and how to apply this style of thinking in their pursuit of procurement activities.

Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned course

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