Introduction to Procurement, The EU Directives and Service Level Agreements

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Course duration: 3 Days

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Day 1

Introduction to Procurement

The role of procurement in large organisations
The changing role and impact of purchasing in large organisations
The impact of purchasing within the client organisation
Impact of Effective Procurement on Corporate Performance

The Purchasing Cycle
From Identification to satisfaction of need
Preparing and issuing Tenders
Deciding on the contract approach
Requests for interest
Requests for quotes
Supplier Appraisal – using EU based criteria for selecting vendors

The Five Rights
Concepts of Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management defined
Origins of supply chain management
Understanding the nature and form of your supply chains
Contemporary Initiatives in Supply Chain Management

How procurement adds value to the purchase portfolio
Using ABC analysis to analyses expenditure
Kraljic’s Product/Service Portfolio Procurement Targeting Model to develop strategy

Day 2

EU Procurement

The role EU procedures in the public sector procurement
Applying the EU Rules- Determining if whether the procurement is covered. Valuating the contract – aggregation, frameworks, discrete operational units, Making a Call for Competition, Periodic Indicative Notice, Calls for Competition

Use of Procedures
Open, Restricted, Negotiated.
The use of pre-qualification criteria and evaluation criteria
Responding to queries from suppliers

The Impact of the Consolidated Procurement Directive
Regulations relating to framework agreements
Building in sustainable issues into procurements

Time Limits
Time limits for the procedures plus accelerated procedures
Impact of electronic tendering processes

Compliance with the Directives. How suppliers can claim damages for breach of the Directives

Tender Evaluation
Dealing with late and non-compliant tenders, Lowest price v most economically advantageous, taking account of environmental and social policies in evaluation criteria, using weighted evaluation comparisons, Total cost of ownership
The use of post tender negotiation

Contract Award
Debriefing, transition and contract award procedures

Day 3

Service Level Agreements

The nature of services and service buying
How services differ from other purchases

Why do organisations outsource services?
Market testing
Impact of the Gershon Review

Managing the process
Identifying options and alternatives
Total outsource
Hybrid supply structures
Gain Share arrangements

Specifying the requirements

Use of conformance or performance specifications
Design of service level agreements
Setting appropriate KPI’s
Selecting appropriate measurement and monitoring criteria

Understanding the legal aspects of buying services
Statutory rights of the buyer of services
Guarantees and warranties
Employment Law and TUPE
Termination and Exit

Deciding the sourcing and relationship strategy

Selecting a strategy based on business impact and risk to the organisation
Short or long? One or many? Near or far, Formal or informal?

Managing the tendering process
EU Regulation requirements
Evaluation of competing options

Implementation issues in outsourcing
Getting stakeholder buy-in
Resourcing contract management
Monitoring performance in a multi site environment
Course objective

This programme aims to provide delegates with an appreciation of the procurement process from identifying needs through to the monitoring of performance, the use and application of EU directives in the procurement process and the development of service level agreements focusing on their application and management within contracts used by the public sector

Who should attend?

Public sector procurement and non-procurement personnel involved in the placement and management of contracts with external third party suppliers

Duration / Fees

A 3-day single manned course

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