Dreamweaver 8: Cold Fusion Application Development

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £575 + Vat

Introducing the Course

· Understanding the course format
· Reviewing the course objectives and prerequisites
· Looking at the course outline

Getting Started

· Understanding static vs. dynamic pages
· Introducing ColdFusion
· Working with sites in Dreamweaver
· Learning Dreamweaver interface basics
· Developing dynamic pages
· Including common code

Using the Database Panel

· Using databases on the web
· Creating a database connection
· Using the Database panel
· Using the Bindings panel to create a simple recordset
· Creating an advanced recordset using joins

Binding Data to a Page

· Binding data to a page
· Using Live Data View
· Formatting data using the Bindings panel
· Inserting a dynamic image

Customizing Recordset Display

· Introducing Server Behaviors
· Displaying all rows in a recordset using Repeat Region
· Introducing Application Objects
· Using the Recordset Navigation Bar to page through recordsets
· Displaying Recordset Navigation Status
· Using the Server Debug View

Creating Drill-down Interfaces

· Creating a drill-down interface
· Generating dynamic links
· Using dynamic filters in SQL
· Using the Dynamic Table Application Object
· Creating a master-detail page set

Creating a Search Interface

· Reviewing HTML Forms
· Creating dynamically populated drop-down menus
· Creating filtered recordsets

Inserting Rows into a Table

· Creating a form and using the Insert Record Server Behavior
· Validating form data using Behaviors
· Creating dynamic form elements
· Using the Recordset Insertion Form Application Object

Updating Rows

· Creating an interface for updating data
· Displaying results in a table using the Dynamic Table Application Object
· Using URL parameters
· Using the Record Update Form Application Object
· Manually creating a form and applying an Update Record Server Behavior

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