Building Win-Win Relationships

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Course duration: 2 Days

Course running order

Day 1


The increased interest in supplier relationships

Hidden costs of poor relationships
Growth of outsourcing
New types of relationship models in the commercial world
Electronic commerce & ICT changes the relationships landscape
Higher value of trust in relationships
Environmental issues & ethical pressures

Key factors in understanding relationships

The competitive landscape
Government procurement changes
The relationship continuum
Spot buy to partnering

Factors that determine the nature of relationships with suppliers

Spend & criticality of item
Nature of product/service bought
Relative size of buyer and seller
Geographical location
Supply market conditions
Ownership modes

Creating Partnering Relationships

Partnering pre-requisites
Open book costing and transparency
Relationship assessment methodologies
Relationships and supplier positioning

Supply chain integration

Procurement and other business functions
Improved performance
Dispute avoidance and incentivisation
Supplier development
Costs and benefits

Course objectives

To give delegates an overview of all aspects of relationship management in the supply chain

Who should attend?

All personnel involved in managing or developing supplier relationships

Course Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned course

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