3ds MAX 2017

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3ds MAX E-Learning

3MD 00 3ds Max in a Nutshell
3MD 01 Introducing 3ds Max as a BIM tool
3MD 02 Introduction, UI Tour and Tool Navigation
3MD 03 Working concepts, Key tools and basic file setup
3MD 04 Basic object creation, transform and modify
3MD 05 2D spline and 3D modelling basics
3MD 06 Creating and Manipulating Editable Polys
3MD 07 Importing and working with DWG & MAX files
3MD 08 Creating and Applying Materials & Textures
3MD 09 Creating light and shadow
3MD 10 Camera setup, clipping and manipulation
3MD 11 Rendering images and simple animation

Cost: £250 + VAT per Licence

Group Licence Discounts available.

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