FPAL Compliance

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FPAL – verifies your business to many major organisations, including Oil & Gas organisations: The Oil & Gas Purchasers use the FPAL system to source suppliers. Some of what FPAL membership consists of, is a verified supplier assessment service that involves a “verification visit” to nominated suppliers’ premises to assess Health & Safety, Environment and Competence & Training practices.

ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and OHSAS: 18001 – all have in their standards the requirement to implement and manage a competence and training system.  Many companies struggle to fully meet this requirement.

We offer the following services which will assist your organisation meet the Competence & Training practices audit.

1. We can conduct an analysis of each job function, matching jobs to National Occupational job competence frameworks, fine tuning all existing HR documentation. We are also experienced in the development of in house specific competence standards, assessment procedures, documentation, training, coaching and mentoring of internal technical assessors; ongoing consultancy support and annual audits of competence assurance systems. We use and offer clients access to our state of the art e competence system, open to access 24 / 7/ 365. The portal can also be used to house company training content as contained within a Learning Management System section.

2. We can also harmonise your company training plan or create a training plan to relevant identified competences, highlighting identified underpinning knowledge/training requirements.

3. Our approach is based around an Integrated Quality Focused Competence Management System which enable organisations to integrate role specific competence and training specified within ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and OHSAS: 18001 into and meeting FPAL section 10 verification requirements.

4 As an SQA / CMI centre we also offer a suite of Competence based Managament awards, with the SQA Professional Development Award suite proving very popular with clients


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