Discover Our CDM Overview Courses

Picture any construction project and the amount of planning that has to be put into getting it off the ground. To make sure that you have the necessary skills and experience to cope with the demands placed on your role in the construction industry; choose our CDM overview courses at Synergie Training.

CDM (Construction, Design and Management) 2015 is a vital cog in the working environment of almost any construction. The role of every staff member, the responsibilities they are entrusted with and the direction of the project has to be managed and scrutinised to create a fully streamlined plan.

As one of the leading providers of CDM overview courses in the UK, Synergie Training are trusted to supply the country with professional training courses. We run these courses in London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinbrugh and more. Alongside these CDM overview courses, we’re also able to offer customisable onsite courses for a range of needs.

The 2015 regulations of the CDM courses we provide will give you the relevant updates that you need for your role. Whether that’s the requirement for a written construction phase plan or the duty to make sure every member of the staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and competent in their job, we’ll help you with our CDM overview courses.

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