Temporary Works Supervisor Course In The UK

The skills and attributes of the supervisory role in any job are very similar. To oversee and to guard against problems rising, a supervisor must have the ability to perform the role and to ensure that every element under their command is working to the best of its ability. When it comes to Temporary Works – a globally understood practice – the... more

Primavera Training In The UK

Project management covers every base of a job. It is the journey and the route from the beginning of a project through to completion which touches on resources, materials, personnel, planning, risk assessments and much more. To ensure that you have all the necessary tools to deal with this, our Primavera training courses are available to help you reach your... more

Temporary Works Renewal Training In The UK

The CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator and Supervisor courses are 5 years old next year (2019) which means anyone who undertook the course in 2014 will now have to renew their certificate. To stay accredited you will need to re-sit the CITB Temporary Works or CITB Temporary Works Supervisor courses or your accreditation will lapse and will no longer be... more

Temporary Works Training Courses In The UK

The development of projects depends on having the right people in the right place. When it comes to a refurbishment, redevelopment or a reparation there is a need for planning and designing to take precedence. This is where you will want to be positioned in order to make sure that you have the right qualifications to perform professionally in your role. Our... more

Discover Our NEC3 And NEC4 Contracts In The UK

While our work spans the construction, infrastructure and IT industries, at Synergie Training we have become a leading provider of NEC contracts courses. Browsing our website, you will see we offer a wide range of NEC3 and NEC4 training courses that can be tailored to suit your organisation. NEC3 and NEC4 contract training is key at Synergie Training. We... more

Temporary Works Training In The UK

The installation, safe use and development of temporary works in the UK are required every single day. On your commute to work you will pass scaffolding, renovation works, roadworks and everything in between. There is, therefore, a lot of work surrounding this sector and the people involved on it must be highly trained. At Synergie Training we provide... more

Discover Our CDM 2015 Courses Today

Working as a principal designer under CDM 2015 is a crucial role. As you take the project through its various stages, you will be called upon to use your expertise to help ensure a smooth service for everyone involved. To make sure that you have the skills to complete these tasks with confidence, you need to find a company that can offer you professional... more

Why Choose Our NEC3 & NEC4 Training In The UK

We offer a range of NEC3 and NEC4 training courses all of which are delivered by industry experts who are top of their field. At Synergie Training we make it easy for you to choose and enrol on our courses in Scotland and the rest of the UK because we have an abundance of NEC3 and NEC4 courses awaiting you. To ensure that you get the best training for... more

Primavera Project Management Training

At Synergie Training we offer Primavera project management courses across the UK to help individuals to reach their potential and to improve the application of planning and design. We have a wide range of courses such as: Project Management in Primavera P6 Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Primavera P6 EPPM Earned Value Management... more

CDM Principal Designer Training

Your role and development as a Principal Designer under CDM 2015 regulations are vitally important for the people that work for you and those that are affected by your judgements and decisions. To make these informed and precise decisions it is important that you are supported by a relevant and professional training course. When you choose to work with... more

NEC3 Training In The UK

Online NEC Training Due to Covid we have moved all our face to face courses to virtual delivery. These NEC courses are now delivered online via live trainers. By providing live trainers it ensures that you as the delegate still get the interaction with the trainers and are able to ask any NEC related questions during the course. The feedback on our... more

CITB Temporary Works Training In The UK

In most permanent works across the UK, there will be a need for the setup and safe use of temporary works. Scaffolding, props, shoring, excavation support, falsework and framework are all used to securely perform a number of tasks. At Synergie Training we’re on hand to raise the standard of your temporary work experience with our CITB accredited... more

CDM 2015 Training Courses In The UK

Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 has been developed, changed and altered to fit the current problems, threats and risks in the sector. Safety and professionalism on every construction site has to be the target for every individual, but to attain that it’s vital that you vtake part in trusted CDM courses. At Synergie Training... more

Professional Principal Designer Training

The moment a jot of paper hits the page to begin the design process of a project, it will incur the start of the Principal Designer’s role. This carries on throughout the whole project to ensure that safety is observed, and professionalism is retained from staff and suppliers. Working in line with the CDM 2015 regulations, you’ll need to be up to... more

NEC3 & NEC4 Training In The UK

Taking the next step in your career isn’t always necessarily an upwards one. When regulations change, and laws begin to twist, you’ll need to ensure you duck and weave with the industry. At Synergie Training we’ve become a leading provider of NEC3 & NEC4 training that will ensure you develop in line with the changes that have occurred in recent... more

CDM Principal Designer Training

The Association for Project Safety (APS) are a nationally renowned body who help to regulate training courses and ensure that the best individuals are able to excel in their roles regarding health and safety. If you’re looking to become a Principal Designer or you’re interested in getting the promotion you’d like to this level, we’ve got the perfect... more

Where To Find Professional Primavera Training Courses

Managing a project or being the leading figure in the shape of a project will require a wide range of knowledge and an array of experience to cope with each and every demand. At Synergie Training we’re chosen for our ability to host Primavera training in the UK which can help to improve the cost-effectiveness of the project and see clearly the true... more

Three Reasons To Choose Our CDM Principal Designer Training In The UK

Maintaining a safe and competent construction site requires a wide range of planning and organisation. The only way to fully understand your role and the responsibilities your job title harnesses is by receiving professional training from a trusted provider. Synergie Training offer both onsite customised and public CDM Principal Designer Training courses... more

Choose Synergie Training For Your CDM 2015 Courses

CDM Regulations 2015 were brought in by the Health Safety Executive (HSE) to help improve the safety of everyone working in the construction industry. It doesn’t pertain to certain roles but outlines how prior planning, safety measures and employing the right people in specific roles can help improve the overall safety of your site. At Synergie... more

NEC3 And 4 Courses Provided For You Across The UK

Managing a project is something that’s engrained in our minds through school, right through to college and university. Taking control, the different parts that contribute and the importance of a professional approach throughout all become vital to the success of a project. At Synergie Training we’re able to help you to this end on the national and... more

Discover More About Our CDM Training Courses In The UK

Picturing and creating alterations to your protocols are two completely different things. There’s a reliance on making sure the health, safety and welfare of your construction project is at an optimum level. If you’re looking for a standardised training course that can guide you towards this, choose our CDM courses in the UK. Our team at Synergie... more

Discover Our Professional Scaffold Inspection Training

If you’re working on any temporary works, you’ll need to be aware of the implications of your role and how that helps to keep your staff safe. This is integral throughout the day and during any setup of equipment because it must be done professionally. However, to know whether the installation has been expertly completed, it has to be checked against... more

Find Professional Scaffold Inspection Training In The UK

When you look at the structure of a scaffold, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the faults lie – even if you know they exist. If we were to place a damaged and faulty scaffold in front of you then the chances are you’d fail to recognise most of the problems. By the end of our scaffold inspection training at Synergie Training you’ll be... more

Project Management Courses

We’re taught how to cope with the demands of simple projects in school. Groups of four that need to be told what to do, their roles and how to execute them properly. This is the same for projects in the construction industry apart from the magnitude of the project, the importance of compliance and the amount of planning this is required. This planning... more

Discover our three CITB accredited Temporary Works Courses

CITB are a vital ingredient in the safe administration of works across the UK. The Construction Industry Training Board accredit courses for the sector to give individuals and companies the most up-to-date quality training. At Synergie Training we’re on hand to help your company discover more about the temporary works sector with our CITB accredited... more

Find A CITB Temporary Works Course In The UK

Make sure you have all the experience and knowledge to cope with the demands of the temporary works sector by enrolling on the latest courses for your role. Whatever your job title in the temporary works arena, it’s important you understand the implications of every task you perform. At Synergie Training we can provide you and your staff with CITB... more

NEC Courses Online and in the UK

NEC contracts are prevalent across the world as they help to delineate the problems and risks of a construction or engineering project from the very beginning to the end. This strategy is only available when the framework of NEC Contract training is applied to the specific project. At Synergie Training all our NEC Online Courses are ready for you to... more

Find Professional Temporary Works Training In The UK

With temporary works springing up across the UK at any time of the year, there’s always an importance for professional teams to work on them. To ensure you have a team of staff capable of adjusting to the ever-shifting world of temporary works, choose Synergie Training. Our temporary works training runs across the United Kingdom and provides your staff... more

Find Professional CDM 2015 Training In The UK

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) are integral to almost any role in the construction industry as they cover everything from responsibilities to planning. The regulations allow your whole site – no matter what role or responsibilities you have – to assess and plan for the risks and potential dangers that can occur. Prior... more

NEC3 Contract Training In The UK

Developing your learning and understanding of the NEC3 contract is important for a wide range of jobs. Not only do you need the information to better improve how you work in your role, but to improve your career prospects. At Synergie Training, our professional NEC3 contracting training in the UK is trusted to provide those that have introductory level... more

Discover Our CITB-Accredited Temporary Works Training

If you’re moving into the temporary works sector with limited or no prior knowledge, then you’ll need a springboard to start the steep learning curve. If you’re not training to become a Temporary Works Co-Ordinator (TWC) or Supervisor (TWS) then we have the ideal temporary works training course for you at Synergie Training. Our new CITB-accredited... more

Professional CDM Principal Designer Training In The UK

If you’re the Principal Designer of any project, there are so many plates to spin it can be difficult to keep your workforce and operation safe. At Synergie Training, we offer the popular and respected APS-accredited CDM Principal Designer training in the UK that can help you to stay head of regulations. Since the Construction, Design and Management... more

Find Professional And Expert NEC3 Contract Training In The UK

Securing any contract in the construction industry means having the ability and experience to turn it into a fruitful development. Knowing how to manage a construction job from start to finish is an integral attribute and Synergie Training have a range of NEC3 Contract training courses to suit all levels. We have courses that vary from beginner level all... more

Three Reasons You Need To Try Our NEC4 Training Courses

With NEC releasing their new range of contracts, it’s important that you realise the importance of the changes that will impact on your role. The alterations made to NEC3’s suite of contracts will allow you to evolve your knowledge. At Synergie Training, we provide NEC 4 training courses across the United Kingdom. We run courses across Scotland in... more

Discover Professional NEC3 Contract Courses In The UK

NEC3 is a legal framework of project management procedures designed to handle all aspects of the management of engineering and construction projects.  At Synergie Training, we host a number of NEC3 contract courses across the UK for you. As the leader in providing NEC3 contract courses in Scotland, we provide training in every NEC contract available... more

Find The Best Temporary Works Training In The UK

When you’re looking to train your staff or yourself, it’s integral to choose a team with a proven track record. At Synergie Training, we provide Temporary Works public training courses across Scotland and onsite courses throughout the UK with some of the highest exam and customer feedback results in the industry. All our CITB Supervisor and... more

Professional NEC3 Contract Training

As the lead provider of NEC3 training in Scotland, our team at Synergie Training are always looking to update our courses to keep you up to date with the latest changes in regulations. Our range of NEC3 contract training is great for beginners and advanced level participants. Our courses run across the United Kingdom regularly, or can be tailored to suit... more

Invest In One Of Our Scaffold Inspection Courses Today

If you are looking to learn more about scaffolding, you might find our scaffold inspection courses of interest. With these courses, you will learn about scaffolding terminology, how to work to the correct health and safety standards, as well as studying scaffolding techniques. The course lasts only 2 days and there are several scheduled throughout the rest... more

CDM 2015 Training Courses

Construction, Design and Management Regulations, also known as CDM, are the legal requirements and regulations that define managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects. Our CDM 2015 training courses from Synergie Training comprehensively detail updates to the 2007 regulations. Our one-day CDM overview course will teach anyone involved... more

Temporary Works Supervisor Course

Temporary Works training encompasses several jobs that are important to the overall running of any site. Synergie Training, is where you will find the CITB accredited Temporary Works supervisor course among other accredited courses. The supervisor course is available across the UK in many cities, such as; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Bristol... more


With new contracts being added to existing NEC legislation, it’s important that you stay ahead of the curve for NEC training. The new one-day workshop at Synergie Training, NEC4, will teach and update you on two main contracts being implemented soon. Our one-day workshops are available throughout Scotland, London, Birmingham and Manchester but we are... more

Scaffold Inspection & Scaffold Erection Courses

Understanding how to spot mistakes in scaffolding and how to ensure that staff are kept safe during their time on the scaffolding requires a keen eye for detail. At Synergie Training, we provide scaffolding inspection and scaffold erection courses which can help improve your grasp of the structures from a managerial, staff or foreman point of view. Our... more

NEC4 training

This year brings about changes to existing contracts which are applied in the form of NEC4 training. With evolving times and changes to the industry, it was necessary to provide an up-to-date training course including the two new contracts. At Synergie Training, you can stay abreast of the changes with our courses starting in 2017. We offer courses all... more

Oil And Gas Training

Ensuring that you are fully-trained to deal with anything related to oil and gas can give you a huge boost of job opportunities and promotions. At Synergie Training, our oil and gas training is perfect to provide an overarching range of courses to complement any venture into the oil and gas profession. Our Synergie Oil and Gas Training courses are... more

CITB Temporary Works

Temporary works can spring up anywhere, and are an engineered solution to either: support or protect an existing structure, support an item of a plant or equipment, support an excavation or provide access. At Synergie Training, we provide CITB Temporary Works training to give you the qualifications to become a co-ordinator or supervisor. We offer a wide... more

CDM Training

As one of the leading providers of CDM training in the United Kingdom, our team at Synergie Training are dedicated to supplying our clients with up-to-date information and expertise. We offer public courses all over the UK, including; London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield,... more

Project Management Courses

Are you searching for project management courses in the UK or abroad? Put your faith in Synergie Training to give you the accreditation to become a project manager. Based in Inverness, Scotland, we are one of the leading IT, Construction and Infrastructure training companies in the UK. Our Construction and Infrastructure training is well-renowned and we... more